3 Styles of Fireplaces You Should Know About


With so many fireplace ideas and styles available, finding an ideal fireplace style for your house can be quite challenging. However, that should no longer be a problem after going through the fireplace styles we’ll share with you in this guide.


Apart from adding warmth and improving your room’s ambiance, fireplaces are also a great way to remodel your home. Picking a fireplace that’s ideal for your home might not be easy. But with Missoula fireplace installation services, you can settle for what’s best.

The 3 Fireplaces Styles to Look Out For

While there are many fireplaces styles you can choose from, the ones that work best are not easy to pick. Here is a selection of incredible fireplace styles you can select.

  1. Electric Fireplaces

If you need fireplaces that are cost-effective, then you should be planning to buy the electric one. They are easy to install, making them the best option for a modern house. With an electric fireplace, you can customize the user effects with the help of a remote.

An electric fireplace gives you direct control over the amount of heat you need to emit into your home. You can adjust to your preferred level with the flick of a switch. When you have had enough heat, you will turn it off with a tap of a button.

An electric fireplace’s heating effect doesn’t leave soot behind, so you don’t have to worry about black chimneys or walls. That means the overall maintenance cost is low because you won’t need regular painting and replacements of fireplace parts.

How Electric Fireplaces Work

An electric fireplace does not need any installation, so you have to station it in your room’s ideal position, and you will be good to go. They work by drawing in cool air, then heat it internally with a heating coil and release it as warm air for your use. The warm air is released with the help of a fan back into your room. 

Some of these kinds of fireplaces use infrared to heat objects in your room directly. In either case, whether it’s heating through infrared or coil, the supplemental heat you desire is provided without any mess, fumes, or harmful gases.

  1. Gas Burning Fireplaces 

Gas burning fireplaces are the second cleanest option that produces more heat at an affordable cost. They also need less construction or reconstruction during installation. They require less maintenance cost as they burn without mess and fumes. You can route it through an existing chimney or vent it through the ceiling or rear wall.

The Two Types of Gas Burning Furnaces

There are two types of gas burning furnaces; the vented and the unvented fireplaces. Here’s a breakdown of the two types.

  • Vented Fireplaces: You can vent this furnace through an existing chimney or a newly constructed one. You can also use a pipe to help minimize changes in your house’s structure. 

You can install a direct-vented gas fireplace in any room using a pipe. A vented fireplace produces a yellow flame giving the feel of a wood-burning fireplace.

  • Unvented Fireplaces: An unvented built-in indoor fireplace is the easiest to install of the gas-burning furnaces. 

With this type of installation, you will not need a chimney or a vent, helping you save on your home space. The flame here is the hot blue flame.

  1. Wood Burning Fireplaces

Whenever you hear about a fireplace, you may probably be thinking of a wood-burning fireplace. The snap and cracking of a roaring wood fire is one romantic ambiance that befits any house today. 

However, modern options in this category differ based on the ease of installation, the amount of heat they give off, and their cost-effectiveness. These options include:

  • The Traditional Open Hearth

These types of fireplaces have existed for centuries now. They are typically made of stone or bricks, which allow for maximum heat emission. 

The best effect is felt if you sit very close to the fireplace with the characteristic cracking of wood, the smell of burning wood, and maximum heat taking you away in the mood.

However, they are not as effective in heating your room as more modern options like gas and electric fireplaces.

If you don’t have a fireplace already constructed in your house, you’ll need to build a new one. In most cases, this fireplace type gets built on sites by mansions.

  • The Enclosed Fireplaces

These wood fireplaces are enclosed instead of burning in an open style. The design helps to preserve more heat and release it to your room and minimize the amount that escapes through the chimney. You will remain warm and enjoy the ambiance of the crackling, burning firewood.

  • The Wood Burning Stoves

Despite not made to serve as a fireplace, you can use a wood-burning stove as an alternative for burning wood for home heating purposes. To make it work effectively, you will need a pipe to vent the smoke outside through a chimney.

Using any of the wooden fireplace options requires that you maintain a high level of cleanliness, which means regular scrubs and cleaning to remove soot. It is also costly and tedious to buy firewood and chop it into sizes to fit into your fireplace. Though it is the most common and traditional method, it requires a lot of maintenance.

Final Words

If selecting the right fireplace style is still a daunting task, you can always opt for more than one option. You can use both electric and wooden fireplaces on various occasions. The bottom line is to select a fireplace style that can meet your comfort needs.