3 Things I Was Prepared to Do Before Having a Baby



Having a baby is a scary thing. People can’t stop giving you suggestions about anything and everything related to the newborn but it is that not annoying, you are actually craving those noises. You need experienced parents to tell you how it would feel to be a mom all the time. The psychology behind this unrelenting need is that every new parent wants to figure out a formula of not-messing-up-the-newborn.

Well, guess what, you can prepare as much as you want but having a baby in real life will be an out of the world experience that nobody can prepare you for. Believe me, I am talking as a very new addition to the mom’s club.

Before the birth of my first child, one thing that I was always curious about or wanted to figure out was how can I help my baby to have progressive development over the years and what are the things that my son should be exposed to from the very beginning that can help him in the years to come.

The list of answers in pretty interesting and it has been developed by multiple conversations with experienced parents, researching, and different online forums. So following are the things that I was prepared to do for my son before he entered this world;

Expose him to the language

I was advised a lot to actually talk to him from early on. Exposing him to the language is one of the best things I was prepared to do as a new mom. Talking to him and getting him to respond in any way was important. Also, introducing him to a vast vocabulary was a goal too. Although, the language should not become too complex but must have a good number of words.

Reading books from very early on was also part of the language exposure. I bought books with engaging colorful visual for him so that he can associate the visuals with words. Basically, babies understand what we are saying to them so tone, choice of words and pronunciation should be good enough in front of them.

A healthy nursery – color themes, baby bedding, cot

Babies are very dependent creatures. They need you to feed them, clean them, make them sleep etc. They don’t have a say in anything in life. So creating a warm, healthy environment is very important. I wanted my son to feel safe, loved and cared for.

In this regard, I built the best nursery I could manage for him, keeping the constraints of my budget in mind. I got everything online from MyBabyStore including baby bedding, cot, curtains etc. for his nursery and chosen a very cool blue theme for the room. It is not a typical blue-for-boy decision. I simply love the color and its ambiance. Even if I had a girl, the nursery would have been blue.

So I was prepared to provide an environment that’s calm, cool, healthy, soothing, and comforting for my little angel. I also compared the baby bedding on IZZZ before making a buying decision of baby beddings.

Exposing him to people, nature, animals

In addition to exposing him to the language, I was also ready to expose him to the people, nature, and animals. I made sure he builds a connection with his father (although we are divorced), grandparents, aunts, uncles, my friends and so on. The goal was to make him a happy kid who is not flustered by large groups of human beings.

Same goes for nature, I take him out quite often. He enjoys the evening breeze. He has seen many sunsets on the beach. He isn’t fan of rains but I am sure Jacob would start enjoying them as he grows. As for the animals, Max (my dog) and Jacob are very much in love. Also, my boy likes the chirping birds and cats.

I don’t know if by doing these things I am preparing him for the world better or not, only time can tell so let’s wait and see.