3 Things to Do Before Traveling Abroad


No matter your reason for traveling abroad — business, honeymoon, vacation, etc. — it’s good to get some tips for preparing for your trip. Sure, travel is fun and a great way to unwind, but there won’t be much relaxing if someone loses a passport or you run low on funds. No one wants to think about the things that can go wrong. In fact, studies show that “most Americans are unprepared for travel catastrophes.” But being prepared will cut down on the stress of traveling and give you time to enjoy yourself. Here’s the top three tips for doing just that.

Get insured

Travel insurance is sometimes an overlooked necessity while traveling, but it’s extremely important when going abroad for several reasons. For one thing, if you are traveling, especially outside your own country, you probably planned many months in advance and many of the deposits you made are non-refundable. Travel insurance helps you cover those deposits if something should go wrong and you end up having to cancel your arrangements.

But that’s not all it covers. It helps replace the cost of personal items in the event of lost or stolen luggage. Perhaps most importantly, travel insurance helps cover medical expenses if you or a family member becomes ill or injured while abroad. It often helps pick up what your regular health insurance doesn’t cover, such as deductibles for prolonged hospital stays, medical airlifting, and sometimes even a flight home if that has to be rearranged. Check travel health insurance reviews to find the best plan for you.

Get a checkup

Speaking of health, now is the perfect time to get that yearly checkup you’ve been putting off. If you’re coming down with anything you need medication for, it’s much easier to get that taken care of at home rather than abroad. You might also need certain vaccinations and other medical advice for the area you’re heading to, which your doctor can give you. And be sure to check out the CDC website for pertinent medical information for travelers.

Buy supplies online

With all the money you’re probably spending on your trip, you might be a little short on cash for other items. But everyone likes to have a few new outfits to wear when traveling, and if you’ll be in a different climate, new clothes may even be a necessity. The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to add a few items to your wardrobe. Shopping online can save you loads of money, especially if you’re willing to take your time and look around for the best prices. Tools like a VPN can prove helpful, allowing you to take advantage of price differences across different locales and protect your financial information online. Take a look around a few women’s online boutiques not only for savings, but to get an idea of the latest styles and trends you might be missing.

Traveling abroad should be a wonderful and relaxing experience. That’s why planning ahead for any trip is so important. If you make arrangements ahead of time for things that could go wrong, things should go much smoother for you if they ever do go wrong. Hopefully, everything will fall into place and you never have to break out your contingency plans, but if they do, you’ll be ready.

Also, make sure you have one or two designated family members or friends who will answer your call in case you need them, pick up your mail, check on your house, and be ready to help you out in case of an emergency. Then do your best to leave your stress behind. That’s what being prepared is all about.