3 Things you should know before hiring a Skip Bin


Skip Bins can help you in a big way for a number of applications, right from cleaning purpose to waste disposal. They can be of great use if you are moving to a new house and looking for big bins to dispose off your rubbish. Skip bin providers help you choose the right skip bin as per your requirements.

Source: http://www.westbin.com.au/

In the market nowadays, there is a wide range of different types of skin bins you must know about. Most of the people use them on a regular basis for their routine cleaning. You will find a number of providers who supply the cheapest skip bins here in Australia. If you are planning to hire one, read further to know about certain things you should know before doing so.


  • Know the type of waste

The first thing that you should do is to determine the type of waste you are planning to dump in the skip bin. Is the material of a single type or a mixture of different types. A majority of skip bin providers supply bins for one or more of the following waste types:

  1. Bricks and concrete
  2. Green waste
  3. Light mixed waste
  4. Heavy mixed waste

Bins for light mixed waste mostly have weight limits, along with other restrictions. The restrictions can also vary by skip bin provider and location. If the weight of your waste exceeds the limit of the light mixed waste condition, it will be considered as heavy mixed waste and you will be charged an extra amount for the exceeding waste. Therefore, in this case you should choose a bin for heavy mixed waste in the first place itself.

You should also make sure that you don’t put restricted or dangerous items in the skip bins, like asbestos, as you can be charged for that also.


  • Sizes of skip bins

In a number of cases, size of a skip bin is known by its volume in terms of cubic metres. So you should know how to visualize a cubic metre while choosing one. You can estimate it by drawing a square of 1×1 metre on the ground and visualize a height of 1 metre. Calculate how many of these you think you will fill. You should get a bin minimum of that capacity. It is much better to get a bin that is larger than you think you need than getting a small one.


  • Hire period

It is a fact that different bin providers offer different hire periods. It usually starts from 3-days, a majority are for a week and also goes up to 10-days. You can calculate how many days you will need, depending on amount of waste you have. Make a note that most of the wheelbarrows are of around 100-110 litre capacity or around 1/10 of a cubic metre. That means to fill a 2 cubic metre skip bin it will take around 20 wheelbarrow loads.

Hope you find this information useful and it will help you before you hire a skip bin for whatever purpose.