3 Tips for an HVAC Installation


Your home is never complete without a functional HVAC system that ensures indoor air quality and comfortable living year-round. Since an air conditioning unit is a worthwhile investment, you always want it installed by an expert HVAC professional who is licensed and insured. Below, we’ve listed the three most important steps that you can follow for a successful HVAC installation. 

1.  Prepare the Installation Area

Before getting your air conditioning system installed, you’ll need to prepare where the condenser unit will be placed. Start by clearing up the bushes around the installation area and getting rid of debris or temporary structures that may hinder efficient airflow. This will save you and the technician time during the actual installation.

Similarly, you should plan how you will protect your home from dirt and dust as the system is being installed. You can have a tarp or piece of protective clothing to protect against dust and debris or some drop cloth if the AC is to be installed inside the house.  

2.  Choose the Right HVAC Company 

Now that you have successfully prepared the installation area, the next step is to look for a reliable company that will handle the installation. A good HVAC contractor listens to your needs and customizes their services to meet your expectations. Next is to ask your friends or family members to recommend local HVAC technicians.

Once you have some to choose from, you should do your research, focusing on the company’s reputation, industry experience, licensing, insurance cover, and customer experience. A good way to obtain reliable information is to look for customer reviews from genuine third-party sites, social media channels or ask the company for testimonials.

Some HVAC companies are only licensed to offer specific installation services, while others like 888 Heating offer all the HVAC installation and maintenance services. You can always confirm the kind of services an HVAC company offers by checking their service page before committing to work with them. 

3.  Get the Details of the Installation Process Upfront 

Before the installation company arrives at your home, you should have a clear breakdown of the entire installation procedure. You don’t need to have all the details but just the necessary steps so you can avail the required space and convenience. By asking your technician to share an overview of the installation process, you can also avoid common HVAC installation mistakes. 

The goal is to know what to expect before, during, and after the installation. For instance, if the contractor will finish the installation in two days and may need access to your garage, you’ll organize where to keep your car and other valuables. Similarly, you’ll have time to arrange for effective child and pet care to avoid potential harm from installation debris and loud equipment noise.  


Like most home improvement devices in the market, HVAC is a critical investment that improves your indoor air quality and increases your home value in the long run. Preparing in advance, choosing the right HVAC Company, and having the installation details upfront is critical to the successful installation of your air conditioning unit. 

It’s advisable to always work with a professional from start to finish to avoid costly installation mishaps. Relying on your untrained hands is never a good idea, especially when the unit is new, as you could easily forfeit your warranty.