3 Tips to Make an Impact With Your Trade Show Presence


Preparing for a trade show can be exhausting, and when you arrive, your stand must compete for attention with all the other exhibitors. That includes those who have products and services that are completely different to yours. Even if your offering is completely unique, delegates will be bombarded with information from the moment they walk in. If they are to remember your stand, you need to pull out all the stops including the technological ones. Use these three tips to stand out from the crowd.


1. Book Early

A prominent location ensures that your trade show booth gets noticed. Right at the entrance is first prize, but if you can’t get that spot, study the floor plan and identify higher traffic areas. I also found that corner spots seem to get a lot of attention, possibly because you now have viewings from two sides instead of one.

To secure a good location, you need to book early. Everyone else will be shooting for that prime real-estate, so your best chance of getting it is to be among the first to book. If you really want to make a splash, think about booking an adjacent stand, After all, the bigger your presence, the more likely you are to make an impact.

2. Don’t Make People Wait for Information

Not keeping people waiting is easier said than done during peak times – supposing they will wait in the first place. Then there are the folks that hover on the periphery, scoping you out before deciding whether or not they’re interested in what you do. Going straight for them with a hard sell looks overly aggressive, even desperate.

To overcome this problem, ensure that your printed materials are displayed within easy reach of walkways. For those scoping your stand from afar, a professional video is a surefire attention-getter. A company specializing in corporate video production, West Palm Beach,  notes that light and movement draw the eye. An impactful video will draw attention from the “hoverers” who haven’t yet committed to taking a closer look at your booth and may draw them in when they would otherwise have passed by.

3. Do Something Different

Industries seem to spontaneously form a standardized look for trade show booths. With nearly everyone looking similar, you can get attention by being completely different. Think about previous shows and what everyone else was doing with their space. These are the things you need to avoid if it’s at all possible. 

One trick is to offer a game or activity that allows people to interact with your booth. YOu can let your creativity loose on this element, but even the old-fashioned “pop a balloon for a discount (or other prize) trick seems to work well. From indoor golf putting challenges to lucky draws, the chance of doing something for free and maybe even winning something, lures prospective clients to your booth.

3. Goodie Bag Additions and Freebies at Your Booth

Most trade fairs offer delegates a goodie bag. Instead of just adding your catalogue, choose something that will see regular use and that prominently bears your branding. Pens are an excellent choice as are simple desktop calendars and notepads. 

Aside from the goodie bag, offering a small freebie at your booth can work wonders. Candies with your business card attached to your wrapper, or branded vehicle license discs are examples of low-cost corporate gifts that will remind people of your business after the show is over.

A Final Note on Trade Fairs

Many businesspeople feel as if they have failed if they do not garner a large amount of orders at a trade fair, but attendance benefits stretch way beyond the fair itself. If your booth is memorable enough, and you provide branded items that will be useful after the fair, your brand will be remembered. When delegates need something that is in your product or service offering, you’ll be the first one they think of. So, being memorable is more important than direct trade fair orders. Go forth boldly and be unforgettable!