3 Trainers Perfect For Those Summer Street Styles


The best fashion trainers are the ones that can take you from a long morning stroll to a fast afternoon shopping trip to your favourite pub’s beer garden. 

Now that we’re slowly re-entering the outside world, who can blame us for attempting to cram as many activities as possible into our weekends, which requires wearing our most comfortable and elegant footwear. 

The trainer is both functional and fashionable; after all, no other shoe works as hard as it does. You can wear these with almost any outfit and wear them all day (once you’ve broken them in). The great thing about trainers is that the money you can save using Nike promo codes or discount codes so you can spend a few extra pennies on your days out.  

Here are 3 trainer types that are perfect for staying fashionably and street-friendly all through the summer.

  1. Classic All-Whites

The McDonalds of the trainer world is the simple white sneaker. They’re a classic trainer that goes with everything from denim to linen trousers to floral dresses. They don’t disappoint and they do what it says on the tin. The classic white trainers are everyone’s go-to; whether they are the freshest white or they’ve gotten a bit dirty, they’re a must-have staple shoe. 

Looking for the freshest white sneakers of the season, check out our top picks;

  • Nike AirForce Ones – the timeless classic, super comfortable and durable and goes with everything
  • Nike Air Max 95 – perfect for festivals, day trips, very comfortable, can be worn all day.
  • Converse Chuck 70 Breezy Mesh Sneakers – stylish, can be dressed up or down, perfect for those summer or warm autumn days, works well with a smart-casual outfit. 
  1. Must-have Black Trainers

Black trainers, like the LBD or a pair of black trousers, can take you anywhere in style. While we adore a new pair of white trainers, black sneakers are far more stylish and multifunctional. The darker colour makes them suitable for any fashion setting that would typically necessitate the use of a more formal pair of shoes. 

Of course, the versatility of black trainers is determined by the overall style of that particular shoe. But a simple rule is that the plainer and more plimsoll-like the shape, the better they may stand in for formal shoes when you’d rather wear something more relaxed and more comfortable. 

Some of our favourite black trainers, to keep you looking trendy;

  • New Balance Black 237 – classic trainers that look good with everything, best worn on drier days as they have some suede elements.
  • Adidas Gazelle Trainers – the perfect black and white mix, this trainer is super comfortable and affordable. The added gold lettering on the side makes them extra stylish.
  1. Multi-Coloured Trainers

Festival season means that you’ll most likely be wearing something bright, colourful and funky. Funky outfits call for funky trainers to match.

Multi-coloured shoes are the perfect method to include all of the vivid colours of the rainbow into your trainers and slip-ons. They’re comfortable, easy to wear and the cute rainbow detailing allows you to dance around in all the colours of the rainbow all year round while wearing these adorable sneakers. The individual colours on the trainers mean that you can wear whatever colour or shade, and your fit will still look fantastic.

Here are the rainbow sneakers we love;

  • Vans Rainbow Classic Slip-On – these slip ons are easy, super comfortable and are perfect for festivals and days out.
  • Converse All Star Low Egret Rainbow – durable and long-lasting with rubber soles that cushion your feet. Ideal for long walks and brunches.

Shoes reveal a lot about a person and their personality. Trainers, as always, are really super trendy now. They’re comfortable, and you can wear them almost everywhere and with almost anything.

Finding the ones that are genuinely worth owning can be a real chore with so many new sneakers being released every week. So, hopefully, we’ve made the decision-making process a little easier.