3 Types of Asphalt that are Perfect for Commercial Driveways


Your driveway is a key part of your commercial property’s aesthetic and helps to ensure you can easily retire at the end of a long day. When crafting a commercial driveway, however, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the potential choices of asphalt you’ll be given (especially if you have no prior knowledge of what differentiates asphalt mixes). To ensure you make a smart, informed, and good-looking choice, here are the three types of asphalt that are perfect for commercial driveways: 

1. Porous Asphalt 

For a permeable paving product, porous asphalt is the way to go. The porous asphalt mix is crafted in a way that keeps it filled with pores that allow water to seep right through its surface. As they seep through the surface, that water filters into the underlying rock bed, from where it slowly finds itself making its way back into the soil below the rock bed. By doing so, the water tables, soil, and pavement are all kept in a more durable, safer state. Environmentally conscious consumers often choose to go with porous asphalt for their commercial driveways due to this snazzy feature. 

Porous asphalt is known for being a popular choice when large parking lots are being developed thanks to the product’s ability to mitigate runoff issues. Without a way to deal with runoff, damage to the pavement will be more common and will lead to a more frequent need for costly repairs. As people have become more aware of how water runoff can affect both their driveways and the foundation of their surrounding areas, porous asphalt has become more popular in commercial areas as well. Lastly, urban areas are benefited from the runoff-supporting properties that porous asphalt has to offer, furthering the product’s popularity that much further as a result. If you’re interested in this top-notch asphalt product, consult your local commercial paving company to ensure you’re getting the job done right. 

2. Recycled Asphalt 

While few people might realize it, most asphalt products are 100% recyclable. For this reason, business owners who do not mind using recycled asphalt have a way to save tons of money on their pavement needs. When setting up a commercial driveway, the costs can get tricky if you need a particularly long, or complexly-shaped driveway to be created – so the cost-saving benefits of recycled asphalt material have become a top choice of many people who do business out in the country (or other areas where longer, more complex driveways may be needed). Even when it comes to more simplistic commercial driveway jobs, many people opt for recycled asphalt to both save money, and save the environment. For cheap, quick repairs, recycled asphalt is especially useful. 

In fact, contractors can typically save you anywhere between $30 and $80 per ton of product when using recycled asphalt. Additionally, it’s estimated that more than 75 million tons of asphalt are kept out of U.S. landfills thanks to asphalt recycling programs. Currently, many federal agencies have determined that asphalt is by far the most commonly recycled building material used in the United States. The only drawback of this mix is that it does not have the popular black-colored look that many buyers crave (although you could always top your recycled mix with a mix that holds this look). 

3. Hot Mix Asphalt 

Hot mix asphalt is the top choice for most business owners when they’re completing their commercial driveway project. These mixes are crafted using both aggregate and asphalt cement and are heated at high temperatures to craft the final product. Because a compactor is needed to complete the job, and the mix is poured at an extremely high temperature, you must have a professional to assist you when using hot mix asphalt. 

The rich black color of hot mix asphalt (which pairs fantastically with the sleek look of metal roofing) is one of the key reasons it’s become so popular for commercial driveway projects. It has that classic, sleek look that can increase a property’s value significantly. The durability of the product also ensures it’s less likely to need repairs for decades to come. Maintenance needs for hot mix asphalt pavement are also much easier to perform, furthering its popularity with business owners who plan on doing any potentially needed repairs themselves. 

Craft Your Dream Commercial Driveway

Your dream driveway is at your fingertips. After you’ve chosen the right asphalt product for the job, you’ll complete your driveway in no time. Be sure to consult a professional contractor before making a decision, however, as it can be difficult to instinctively understand what type of environmental needs might factor into your project (depending on your location, the season, and other key factors). Doing so will ensure you do not make a costly mistake that will delay your ability to finally have your dream commercial driveway.