3 Ways 2019 will Change Real Estate Market


Do you know more millennial are pursuing homeownership than ever? This rise in demand is bringing some uncalled changes in the real estate marketplace, and we will see them in 2019. 2018 oversaw some major changes including 3D-Printing and Live Streaming.  We believe 2019 will be no different. Therefore, following we are going to brief some of these expected changes, and how it may affect the market space.



In the real estate market space, downsizing translates to rightsizing. It’s a movement which revolves around people looking for a minimalistic lifestyle. People are looking to buy functional homes which meet their requirements. There are several ways of downsizing. It offers the following benefits

Less Space

Filling a large room with all sorts of stuff is tempting. But having fewer spaces means that you won’t buy stuff you don’t need. Therefore, you will put more thought into decorating your home.

It’s Intimate

The less space a home has, the more intimate the environment becomes. People are now looking for homes that reflect their personality.  

Easy to Organize

Less space is easy to design and organize. It translates to less stress. When it comes to decorating a smaller home, the process is easy to manage, while the results are more tangible.


Cutting down space means you are fattening your wallet. Fewer square feet mean you will invest less in furniture and all the clutter. This means you are investing in more functional space.

Redefined Living

2019 will oversee some major technological transformations in real estate market space. Real estate agents will infuse the latest tech into their business and reap their benefits.

The digital era has played a big role in expanding the industry. Technology has already transformed the process of buying and selling. People have moved from print ads to mobile apps. In 2019, we expect to see the following changes:

Smart and Automated Housing Units

We understand that most improvements in tech are only meant for entertainment purposes. But there are some innovations which have refined our living and how we manage our day to day tasks. Knowing how to sell your potential buyer helps improve your portfolio and design campaign that will pursue people to buy from you.  

Greener and Healthier Lifestyle

Millennial really care about Mother Nature. They are trying new ways to save it. Green homes are yet other innovations that help preserve the environment. These houses are designed to be energy efficient, cost and space savings. They help decrease your carbon footprint and energy usage.

The rise in Digital Transactions

The online market space has changed everything about real estate; it changed their marketing, transactions and much more.  We expect to see more of these changes in 2019. Real Estate businesses like New Street will approach a wider audience through mobile ads instead of print ads.

Virtual Reality

VR is mainly used for marketing purposes. It allows buyers to experience the property remotely. It interactively shows them the whole property and creates a whole new shopping experience. It’s been used in the real estate market for years now, but we will see major improvements in the upcoming year.