3 Ways To Curl Your Hair Overnight

Full tutorial: rocaille-writes.blogspot.com

If you are tired of making waves with heat and get your hair destroyed and awful, there are for you 3 ways to curl your hair overnight. They are simple, easy and quick ways for curly hairstyle.

Method 1:  T-Shirt Method for Tight Curls

All you need to make curly hair with t-shirt method is an old t-shirt. You have to cut it into a long stripes and roll the hair. You can sleep with stripes over the night and you will have an amazing waves in the morning.

Full tutorial: grandmas-closet.blogspot.com
Full tutorial: grandmas-closet.blogspot.com

Method 2:  Headband Method for Vintage Curls

To make waves in this way you need only headband. After you wash your hair, wrap it over the headband. Let it dry and after some time past or over the night, remove the headband and enjoy in the curly hairstyle. You will find step-by-step tutorial, below in the link.

Full tutorial: rocaille-writes.blogspot.com

Method 3: Braided Natural Waves  

This is one very easy way to make your hair curly. You don’t any even any accessories. Just make your hair braided and sleep with it. It is better to make the hair braided when it is wet and after that to dry it.

Full tutorial: beauty-tutorials1.blogspot.com

I hope you found some easy, functional and quick way to curl your hair overnight. Try them and say how do you like them!!!