3 ways to decorate a room using posters from PawAnimal


Interior design and home decorating might seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! One of the easiest ways to decorate a room is by adding a few decorative posters to the wall. But remember, it’s important to think about which poster print will suit which room. 

Think about it, have you ever purchased a piece of artwork to hang on a wall in your home, but it turns out not quite what you envisioned? Well, you’re not alone! If you have a particular poster that you love, then you can use it as an anchor point to coordinate any new decorations and other art around that print. 

Here are some easy styling tips you can use to decorate a room using posters from the online art website, PawAnimal!

Size matters when it comes to posters

This is probably the most common mistake that people make when buying posters. They always underestimate the size of the print that’s needed to make a stand-out impression on the wall. At first, you might think your poster looks ‘big’ up close, but don’t forget that most people will be walking past your wall at a distance. 

People like to admire art from several feet away, and from a distance, your poster might look too small if you don’t have the correct size! Follow this rule of thumb; whatever size you think is right, go bigger! Most online poster shops, like PawAnimal, have various different sizes of print for you to choose from at reasonable prices. 

Pick a couple of colors from your poster and use that as a color palette

If you’ve never designed the interior of a room before, then it’s likely that you’ll have chosen neutral-colored furniture, like gray and ivory, as these are the safest choices when it comes to color schemes. Of course, this is a great starting point as once you’ve decided the base of your color palette, you simply need to add a few accent items (like pillows, throws…etc)  to boost the look of your room.

But! Did you know you could start the basis of your room’s color palette with colorful posters? Pick your chosen centerpiece print of choice and pick out two to three colors from the poster. Use this as the basis of your color palette to add stylish touches to your room. For example, if you use this print from PawAnimal, you could pull out the gray, red, and white colors, and use these to purchase similarly colored couches, pillows, and cabinets. 

Don’t forget about style, mood, and theme

Of course, color schemes are important, but it’s really worth remembering that your poster needs to suit the style, mood, and theme you want in your chosen room. It would make an amazing impact if you built a theme around your poster. For example, this poster from PawAnimal shows a beach setting with a strong quote, but why not use this to style the rest of your room in a nautical, beach theme? Think various tones of blue, seashell decorations, and sandy white walls. Whatever poster you choose, make sure it suits the tone you want to make you and your visitors feel when they enter the room.