3 ways to move forward in life on a budget


In an ideal world, every part of your life would be a positive step forward, whether that means a giant leap in your career prospects or a progression in your relationship status.

But when you’re planning to attain everything you want in life (preferably before you turn 35) one question looms over your head like a spectre at the feast – how can you afford to make your ambitions a reality?

It’s the BIG question that anyone who isn’t landed gentry has to consider.

You’ve got bills to pay, people to socialise with and (if you’re lucky) food to eat. How can you be expected to do all that and still achieve everything you want to in life?

While we can’t assuage your monetary woes, we can suggest a few budgetary tips to help you get where you want to be.

Check them out and keep them in mind the next time you plan on making a giant leap into the future.

Skip uni (sort of)

The media constantly discusses the expense of a university education. At present, top-level institutions charge upwards of £9,000 every year for a degree. And as university boards push for the £9,000 cap to be lifted, the price tag for a good education could rise ever higher.

Alternative routes are, therefore, becoming more appealing and as such universities are putting a greater deal of focus on their distance learning platforms. Anglia Distance Learning is a great example of this, providing you with work-based learning initiatives at approximately half the price of a standard degree.

It’s an ideal way to give yourself a career boost without having to fall heavily into debt.

Multiply to success

Having one job can make you feel as though you’ve got enough on your plate – but get one more and you’ll multiply your revenue streams.

Ideally your second job will be a passion project you’ve always wanted to pursue. Want to see if you can make money from that novel you’ve written? Got an invention you want to bring to fruition? Or maybe there’s a business idea you’d love to get off the ground.

Do what you want. It’ll take a surgical approach to scheduling, but with enough graft you might even be able to turn it into your main revenue stream.

Learn how to ask

Confidence is a major obstacle for most people when it comes to progressing in their careers. All you need is a simple boost and you could receive a promotion.

Read self-help books like How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie to learn confidence and conversational techniques. That’ll make it much easier to finagle your way into the hearts of your employer, and make acquiring a raise a much easier proposition.

Those are our trips on how to move forward in life on a budget. Got any tips of your own? Then let us know in the comments below.