30+ Budget Friendly Garden Decorations You Can Whip Up In No Time


Decorating the garden can sound to you like a long process that can require spending a fortune on versatile items. But luckily there are many crafty people who have tried to decorate the garden on their own with the use of some old items, as well as by using some cheaper materials. So, as we are always here for you to get you inspired of how to decorate your home and garden on a budget, today, we have decided to bring to you a collection of 30+ Budget Friendly Garden Decorations You Can Whip Up In No Time. Check them out and choose which one of these ideas you will try to copy. Enjoy!

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DIY Patio Water Wall

A patio water wall can make the patio look modern and expensive. But you will be surprised how cheap it is to make it on your own if you follow the guide by Marie from The Interior Frugalista.


DIY Small Vegetable Garden Using A Garden Spiral

Susanne from Oh My Creative blog used some river stones to make this vegetable garden.


Lady Bug Garden Decor

Tatjana from Art Drops  used golf balls and turned them into happy ladybugs to beautify the garden.


DIY Easy Pond In Backyard

A little pond kit can cost more than $100 but if you try to make some on your own you won’t need to spend that much money. The following DIY pond is made from plastic basin and some stone decorations.


DIY Mini Pond From Old Tire

A mini pond can be also made from old tire and this is just some of the many ways of how to repurpose old tires.


Backyard Tin Can Fence Garden

The plain wood fence can be decorated with some planters. Ciera from Ciera Design has used some spray painted tin cans to make one such fence garden.


DIY Garden Planters & Birds Bath

Beth from Home Stories A to Z stacked painted pots in a topsy-turvy arrangement and topped it off with a cute little bird bath.


DIY Bird Bath

At Mami Talks you can find another idea of how to make a bird bath again form flower pots.


DIY Concrete Garden Globes

Garden globes are also common decorations for the garden. They can be made from versatile materials and Kathy from  Garden Love shows how you can easily made some such globes from concrete.


DIY Garden Water Feature

Kathy from Garden Love  also made this water feature for the garden and the best about it is that it costs less than $30.


Draped Planter From Old Towel

A planter can be made from versatile items that you already have at home, for instance from some old towel.


Make Glass Garden Art Flowers

Besides growing flowers, you can also make some flower art decorations from some old stuff. The Empress of Dirt  shows how you can easily make some glass art flowers from glass dishes, plates, cups etc.


Old Drawers Into Porch Planters

The dresser drawers can be also repurposed into different storage solutions, home decorations as well as backyard decorations. Gail from the blog My Repurposed Life have turned old drawers into porch planters without spending any extra money.


DIY Magical Fairy House Planter

Fairy house planters are also great garden decorations and Vanessa from the Crafts Unleashed shows how you can easily make one such planter.


Potted Candle Planters

Some potted candle planters can be perfect decor for your garden, creating a romantic and soothing atmosphere. This low budget project was done by Camilla Fabbri.

potted candle holders

DIY Recycled Barrel Planter

Old wine barrels can be repurposed in versatile ways and of them can be to turn them into planters. Kate from the blog Design Sponge shows how you can easily make such planter in several easy steps.


How To Make A Topsy-Turvey Herb Garden

Christine from the blog From Dates To Diapers has made a topsy-turvey herb garden for about $40. This herb garden is perfect decor for the front yard.


Turn An Old Log Into A Flower Planter

Flower planters can be made from versatile items, including some old log. This is an easy project that can last for several years and Kendra from the blog A Proverbs 31 Wife shows how you can easily do this low budget planter.


DIY Chandelier Planter

Even a chandelier can be repurpsoed into interesting flower planter. Roeshell from DIY Show Off has made one such planter with the use of chandelier and terracotta pots.


DIY Chair Planter

Old chairs can be turned into planters and Barb from Our Fairfield Home And Garden shows a tutorial of how to do it.


Upcycled Bottle Planters

Planters can be also made from plastic bottles. This low budget project can be found at Mama Is Dreaming.

upcycled bottle planters

Pallet Planter

Kelly Moore took a pallet and some terracotta pots and make this pallet planter.

pallet planter

Colorful Cinderblock Succulent Garden

Kara from Kailo Chic took some cinder blocks, spray painted them and create this beautiful succulent garden.

cinderblock planter 2

Build A Watering Can Fountain

If you want to make some unique fountain you can try to make this one from recycled watering cans by the Sophisticated Junkie.


How To Build Stone Fountain

Head to This Old House to find how you can easily make a fountain by stacking some stones.


DIY Fire Pit

Head to HGTV Gardens to find out how to build a fire it in an afternoon.

fire pit

DIY Sea Glass Stepping Stone

Tanya from Lovely Greens collected some sea glass and use them to make a stepping stone for her backyard.


DIY Pallet Garden Walkway

Donna from Funk Junk Interiors made a nice garden walkway with the use of nothing else but pallets.

pallet garden walk

DIY Giant Outdoor Pinwheels

Giant outdoor pinwheels can add some color to the garden and instead of buying those of $10, Kati from A Houseful of Handmade has made some for less than $5.


DIY Outdoor Seating

Lena Sekine can be your inspiration of how to make some seating f0r your backyard.


How To Build An Octagonal Deck

And if you want to build an octagonal deck you may find some instructions at Instructables .

So, which one from the above DIY ideas did you like the best. Tell us in the comments and don’t forget to stay up to date with our content to find many other budget friendly ideas for your home and garden decor.