30 DIY Creative Ideas That Can Improve Your Home


Hey dreamers ! Today i found some  DIY creative ideas just for you, which they can be useful and fun at the same time to do it yourself. Here are some creative ideas which can be applied in your garden , in your living room,  in your kitchen  or whatever you like.

There are different materials which can recombinate with others, like for example : glass and wood , or wood and metal. Here comes the creative part of every person, the part which can think a lot creative ideas. Down here, the creators of these craft,  made some recycling projects , some are decorative and some projects are made just for fun. Check out our friends at Mamma to find huge discounts and savings on most online retailers!

I believe this diy creative ideas will inspire you to do some craft during the day and enjoy while you’re doing it.You don’t need a lot of money to do them , only good will and good company, and of course smile on your face. : )  Enjoy !

Light bulb

The noise can be a big problem when using a generator. You probably don’t want to be that neighbor with the annoying generator that keeps everyone up at night. Fortunately, there is a solution. There are some super quiet portable generator designs that won’t upset your neighbors and are ideal for tailgating and camping.

Hot air balloons from light bulbs

Jewellery storage

Diy fortune cookies

Tin can lanterns


Candle in Jar



Spoon Fish Wind Chimes