36 Romantic Bathroom Ideas


Any time of a year is a good time for romantic bath with your love, whether at home or on a romantic getaway. Why don’t you do this now in a very hot summer time. It’s easy to create a romantic atmosphere in a bathroom, but if you don’t have an idea how to do that, you are in the right place. Top Dreamer has for you 36 romantic bathroom ideas. No longer do you have run away to an expensive hotel for a romantic get away.Looking at Rate My Toilet’s world’s best we think you can create the perfect romantic bathroom feel in your very own home. We’ve compiled some great inspiration for our readers here and we hope it brings you everything you and your partner desires.

The red color is the most characteristic for romance, so take the rose petals and drop them into a tub or around it. The candles also make the atmosphere be most romantic and intimate. Put the candles all around and let they be the only light in bath. And to be the enjoyment complete make a lot of  bobble into tub. But if  the red is not your favorite color, just make the whole atmosphere in the color you relax in. It can be purple or yellow or anyone you like.

Another  romantic bathroom idea is to make the bath in the yard. Just think how wonderful would be a bath in the yard in hot summer days. Put the tub in a very green grass in the yard and enjoy under the sparkle stars on the sky.

And if your bathroom has a big window with an incredible view, use that and make romance for sure. The “big window” effect you can make especially somewhere where you spend a summer holiday. It will be perfect. But for the winter there is a bath in front of a fireplace witch can be with a warm water.

So, look at the pictures below and will see what I’m talking about. Don’t miss to surprise your love with a romantic bath and when you prepare it don’t forget the details. They make the atmosphere romantic, intimate and unforgettable. Be romantic and fall in love again and again.