4 Beautifully Brilliant Ways to Breathe a New Life into Your Home


Any house or apartment can benefit from updates and improvements, but homeowners may feel overwhelmed by the thought of expensive renovations. Fortunately, not all home improvements involve major construction. Sometimes relatively small and simple changes can have a huge impact on the aesthetic quality of your home as well as your own happiness and well-being. The following are a few brilliantly beautiful ways to breathe new life into your home.


Add New Colors

According to psychologists, the colors that surround us can affect the way we feel.  While color associations tend to be rooted in personal experiences and preferences, there are some generalizations that work for most people. For example, to make your home feel more peaceful and relaxing, try painting the walls a light shade of blue or green. To create a feeling of energy, add accents of red and orange in cushions, throws, or window treatments. The color yellow tends to create a cheerful mood, while neutral colors tend to be more calming. No matter what color scheme you choose, changing the colors in a room is a great way to make a familiar space feel brand new.

Brighten Up Dark Spaces

Another way to breathe new life into a home is to add more light, especially in dark areas. Dark rooms tend to feel smaller, so making them brighter is a great way to create a feeling of space. Use white or light colored paint on the walls and ceiling, and use a variety of interior lights, including lamps and track lighting, to disperse more light throughout the room. This approach tends to be more effective than simply installing a brighter overhead light. Removing window screens and using sheer curtains are ideal for dark rooms as these strategies maximize whatever sunlight comes through.


Make Your Home Cozier

Another simple but impactful transformation is to add elements of warmth, both physical and emotional, to a room. In addition to adding accent colors, like red, brown, burgundy, and tangerine, you can add other elements of décor that suggest coziness, or what the Danish call hygge.  For example, drape a thick, soft throw over an arm of the sofa, or replace a glass table with one made of wood. Bookshelves, a reading nook, and natural or artificial candles are other details that make any space feel cozier and inviting. If you have the space available, consider adding a fireplace or a gas log fire for the ultimate visual and sensual experience of warmth.

Add Greenery

Finally, you can breathe new life into any home by adding actual plant life! Plants are an inexpensive and beautiful way to decorate. Not only do green leaves make people feel more calm and relaxed, but plants also improve air quality by absorbing harmful compounds. If you don’t have a green thumb, consider choosing a fairly low-maintenance house plant like pothos, a lush green vine that thrives in low light and soil that dries out between waterings. Succulents like aloe and jade also do well with a minimum of attention.

Home improvements don’t have to be big renovations. Small touches can have a surprisingly powerful impact on the way a home looks and feels. By making small changes, you can refresh your living space and take greater joy in your surroundings every day.