4 Benefits of Conserving Energy


In recent years, many activities that humans have engaged in have affected Mother Nature in ways we could never have thought possible. For example, deforestation, over-fishing, overconsumption, burning fossil fuels for energy and more. Global warming is one phenomenon we have given rise to as a result of burning fossil fuels for energy. It’s essential to understand the importance of why we need to conserve energy so we can have a positive impact on the environment. In today’s article we’re going to discuss the 4 benefits of saving energy. 

  • Save Money

If you save electricity, you end up saving money. There are several ways in which you can save money on electricity. First and foremost, switch off lights that are not in use. Second, purchase LED light bulbs because they use less energy while giving you a better result. Third, make sure to remove the plugs of your TV, microwave and similar devices. This is because even if the appliance is not in use, energy is still being used by the appliance when the plug is in the socket. This energy is called standby power. Last, if you think you are doing everything to conserve energy, but you still have a pricey electricity bill at the end of the month, take help from Electricity Monster

  • Decreases Air Pollution

When coal is burnt to create energy, particles of ash, called fly ash, are given off. This ash results in smog. Furthermore, the sulfur in coal binds with oxygen to make sulfur dioxide which then combines with rainwater to form sulfuric acid during rainfall. Sulfuric acid causes deforestation, which leads to soil erosion and so on and so forth. Do you see how one thing is leading to a chain reaction that is affecting our whole environment? If we conserve energy or rely on renewable sources of energy like solar and wind, we can greatly reduce air pollution.

  • Improves Health

There is no doubt that if we conserve energy, non-renewable energy in this case, we can improve our health. By saving energy, we will be using less coal and other non-renewable energy sources to get electricity from and, therefore, reducing emission of greenhouse gases, ash and other particles that can pollute the air and cause damage to Mother Nature. Hence, if we protect our environment we can say that we’re protecting ourselves as well; we’ll get greener trees and cleaner air to breathe.

  • Helps Us Rely on Renewable Energy Resources

We discussed in the previous points how relying on non-renewable energy resources like coal leads to air pollution and ultimately does damage to the environment as well. We need quickly switch to renewable energy resources like solar and wind before we wreck more havoc to planet earth. Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular, and many people have even started installing them in their homes. This helps to reduce electricity bills as well. A significant benefit of utilizing renewable energy is that there are no by-products that will negatively affect the environment.