4 Big Myths about Getting Breast Implants


There are a lot of myths about breast implants out there. Some of these myths might dissuade you from getting the augmentation that you want. Read this list so that you can separate fact from fiction:

Myth 1: All Breast Implants Look Fake

One persistent myth tied to breast augmentation is that all breast implants look noticeably fake in comparison to natural breasts. 

This is not true! Breast implants can look similar to natural breasts, and they can be completely undetectable — even up close. Someone wouldn’t know the truth unless they had an ultrasound of your chest. 

How can you make breast implants look natural? Here are some factors that can help:

  • Choosing a small or moderate size increase.
  • Choosing teardrop-shaped implants over round implants. 
  • Choosing to have your breast implants placed below the pectoral muscle instead of over it. 

Another factor that can help you get natural-looking results is a good plastic surgeon. During your consultation, they will guide you toward implants that match your body’s frame. This will help you find a match that suits you. 

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Myth 2: You Can’t Breastfeed After Implants

Another myth that scares women off is that they won’t be able to breastfeed after getting implants. 

Most women who get breast implants can breastfeed. Certain factors could limit their ability to produce milk. For instance, having the surgical incision around the areola could affect milk ducts or nerve signals in the nipples. To avoid this potential problem, you can opt for a different surgical incision site, like under the breast fold or at the armpit.It’s completely avoidable. 

Myth 3: Implants Will Make Breasts Perky

Some people think that breast implants make your breasts perkier. Breast augmentation surgery does not rectify any sagging issues before the surgery — this is what a breast lift procedure does. 

Breast augmentation also can’t prevent sagging. Breasts with implants are still subject to the forces of gravity and time. 

Why do people believe this? Breast implants appear firmer and higher at the beginning of the recovery process, which can give people the impression that the surgery made the breasts permanently perky. The truth is that the implants soften and settle over time—this is often called the drop and fluff period by professionals. 

Myth 4: They Will Make Breasts Sag

In a surprising contradiction, another myth that follows breast implants is that they cause sagging. 

Women with breast implants will not have to worry about sagging more than women with natural breasts. Age, genetics and breast size will factor into this problem much more than augmentation surgery. 

However, it’s recommended that women who get breast implants wear good-quality bras. This will prevent the breasts from pulling down at the ligaments and stretching at the skin. So, you should find your new bra size and go shopping after you’ve recovered from your breast augmentation surgery.

Don’t let these myths confuse you! Now that you know the truth, you can feel confident in your choice to get breast implants.