4 Common Types of Event Insurance


Hosting a large gathering or an event is fun, engaging, and oh-so difficult. Between the logistics of properly setting up your venue and making sure the vendors show up on time and know what they should be doing, it can be easy to get lost in a sea of details.

To make matters worse, even the most carefully planned event can go horribly wrong. Whether we like it or not, chance and coincidence always intervene in the worst possible moment, ruining our plans with added obstacles.

This is why experienced hosts do not even think of conducting an event without buying insurance beforehand. While any degree of harm or injury that affects guests at your event leaves you directly responsible, you can protect yourself by covering any incurred fees through event insurance.

Fortunately, we’ve dedicated this article to briefing you on the benefits of event insurance. Read on to find out more!

Most Common Event Insurance Types


Is there anything more memorable than a genuine, heartfelt wedding?

Watching the bride and groom kiss each other after being pronounced husband and wife is so endearing – until one of their guests suddenly trips over a loose wire, splashing the couple in half flat champagne and bringing down three stacked audio systems worth thousands of dollars.

Sure, the married couple will be infuriated, embarrassed, or both. But you, the event host? Get ready to pay for those audio systems out of your own pocket.

Unless you have insurance.

Wedding event insurance typically covers a wedding from start to finish, including the shower, rehearsal dinner, or reception.


Feeling music blaring across your face and skin while you’re surrounded by people who share your interests is always awesome.

Unfortunately, a lot of things wrong can go at a concert. If anything, this needs to be emphasized, since concerts can be extremely dangerous, as proven several times in the past.

If anything happens at a concert that you’re hosting, then event insurance can take care of the problem. This applies to anything from folk music to hardcore rap or black metal concerts.

Sports Games

Humans have been made for sports. After even a slight workout, the release of dopamine is relaxing and helps encourage you to keep on going. It isn’t surprising, then, that sports are one of the most popular events in the world.

Sporting events, however, have the potential for an extraordinary amount of discord. Tensions are high during a sports match, especially if the competing teams have a rivalry and their fans a reputation for hotheadedness.

While security is important to a sporting event, so is insurance. Consider a stampede, for example, which leaves several dozen people harmed, or a brawl that even leads to death. The legal fees associated with such a scenario would be overwhelming.

Thankfully, event insurance exists.


Getting together with your friends or family and letting loose is a great way to unwind. Whether you have a crazy party in mind with a lot of alcohol and good music or a quiet social event where you catch up with Aunt Gertrude, event insurance would help serve as an added layer of protection against bad luck.

Depending on the nature of your gathering, you might be led to believe that insurance is not required. Do keep in mind that anything can happen, however. The previously mentioned Aunt Gertrude, for example, could sprain her hip while walking up a flight of stairs.

Since any harm that affects a guest at an event leaves the host legally responsible, it might as well have been you who sprained a hip.

Protect Yourself and Your Guests

It is the duty of every host to take care of their guests. Regardless of what happens, however, you will be taking care of them financially if they get hurt, whether you have a choice in the matter or not.

Event insurance can help cover the fees associated with any tragic situation that occurs. Let it take a load off your shoulders so you can focus on providing a good experience rather than taking care of problems.

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