4 DIY Art Pieces That Add Personality To Your Home

Kid using blue pen painting rainbow on white paper. DIY art for children, Child Stay at home while school off, Home schooling education concept,Social media campaign for coronavirus prevention

During this time of lockdowns when everyone is asked to stay home, perhaps you’ve started noticing areas in your home that appear quite dull. You probably noticed them earlier also, but spending much more time at home might make it seem as if these walls and areas are screaming out for attention. So, you are finally getting around to giving your home the revamp that it needs – add some spice, some accents, and a whole lot of personality as well.

Kid using blue pen painting rainbow on white paper. DIY art for children, Child Stay at home while school off, Home schooling education concept,Social media campaign for coronavirus prevention

However, as you browse through art pieces to add to your home, you may find yourself sulking because of their steep prices. With other financial priorities occupying your mind at present, there’s just no room for such extra expenses.

Still, try to look on the bright side and think about another asset that you do have plenty of right now – time. With all the extra time on your hands, surely you can indulge in a little DIY project to spruce up your home. If you’re looking for ideas, you’re in the right place! Here are some DIY art pieces for you to try out:

  1. Take Up Diamond Painting

Diamond painting is a hobby which can be likened to a mix of cross-stitch and paint by numbers. If you’re familiar with these two, then diamond painting won’t be hard for you. As the name suggests, you would be creating a picture out of diamonds. Of course, these aren’t real diamonds, but they’re tiny resin “diamonds” that bring about the effect of a beautiful and elegant painting.

Apart from creating a DIY art piece, there are many other benefits that you can gain from diamond painting. Not only is it therapeutic and makes time fly by, but it also helps you relax and de-stress at this challenging time. Plus, this is also an activity that you can do with the entire family. Visit vizuarts.com to learn more about diamond painting and how you can enjoy its dazzling beauty.

  1. Turn A Scarf Into Art

Do you have unique scarves lying around your home that you haven’t used for quite some time? Perhaps you also have scarves that you bought while traveling, or ones that are simply special to you. Rather than keeping them folded up and unused, give them a new life.

You could hang these scarves on a blank area of your wall. Better yet, have the scarf framed and then hang it up. Certainly, that will create an art piece like no other.

  1. Create Watercolor Art

Watercolor art is one of the easiest and most fun activities that you can do while in quarantine. It’s a simple activity, so it’s perfect for art beginners. Although the techniques are easy and do not require you to have the artistic talent of Michelangelo, they are very effective in imparting a rich and fun appearance to your wall.

Here are some of the techniques involving watercolor art:

  • Circle Swirl. For this, choose one primary paint color that you’d like to use. Then, choose different shades of this main color. For example, if you’ve chosen red, then select other varying shades of red. Create a large C shape on your canvas. Dip your brush in the darkest shade of the color that you’ve chosen, and paint it on the outer layer of your C. The paint will simply spread through the wet areas. Continue layering with different shades, until you’re satisfied with your work.
  • Brushstrokes. Here, choose two different shades in the same color family. Select a large and flat brush to apply water on the paper in big, flat, rectangular strokes. Start with the darkest color, from left to right, and then keep layering with lighter shades.
  • Gradient dots. In doing this, focus again on one color family. Then, with a circular brush stroke, apply water on the paper in different rows and columns of circles. Then, outline these circles with paint. While the paint is still wet, drop water in the center of each circle so that it becomes diluted.
  1. Make DIY Color Block Rainbow Wall Art

If you’re looking to add some color to an otherwise dull and boring part of your home, create block rainbow wall art.

Depending on the size of the art that you want to hang up, take a piece of paper and create boxes on it using a pencil. Then, paint through each of these boxes with different colors in the same order as rainbow colors. You can frame it once you’re done, or utilize any unused canvas lying around your home to give it a base. Then, all you have to do is hang it up and you’ve instantly got a work of art.

The ideas enumerated above aren’t just great to look at, but they’re also budget-friendly. Needless to say, they won’t make a hole in your pocket. Plus, while you aren’t occupied elsewhere, why not use this time to create DIY projects with the entire family? It’s going to feel more special when the art pieces decorating your home are made by everyone in the family, rather than being merely store-bought.