4 Funny Ways To Engage Your Dogs


Dogs like us enjoy funny activities and are our perfect companion to relieve our stress after a long day’s hectic professional schedule. Dogs need to be engaged properly to prevent them becoming bored that can ultimately develop some negative and destructive behaviors in them. Like humans, dogs need constant physical exercise and mental stimulation to make them more active and respond to our expectations. With lack of sufficient physical and mental stimulation, you can witness your dog indulge in excessive chewing, barking, digging or other unwanted destructive behaviors as a result of boredom.


Here are some fun ways through which you can effortlessly engage your loved ones

Make Cute Dance Videos

What better way can be to engage your canines when you can shake your legs with your loving dog to a nicely choreographed gig with energetic music. There are professional handlers who are specialized to make your dogs learn freestyle dance. This can be a great way to have fun as well improve your canine’s focus, agility and participate in teamwork activities.  These days social media platforms like twitter, youtube, facebook or Instagram have numerous viral videos with cute dogs performing hilarious and engaging activities that have captured the imagination of social media users, making them become overnight social media stars, You can visit https://twitter.com/bluebuffalo to watch hilarious videos involving cute puppies showcasing their different talents, and harness the dancing skills of your lovely pets.

Go For Day Trips

Riding in a car is one of the most enjoyable moments a dog can have, as it opens a window of opportunity for your dog to see new places and meet different people. You can see your dog become utterly cheerful and active during and after the long ride in the car.  Dog parks are the best place for them to visit, where they can roam freely and socialize with new dog friends. If your dog is a small one, you need to take adequate care to ensure that big sized dogs don’t terrorize your loved pet or take them to that section of the park which is exclusive for small dogs.

Engage Your Dog With A Tug Of War Game

A tug of war game with your dog is an excellent activity for your dog’s effective physical exercise and mental stimulation. The best part is you don’t need any specific time or a suitable place to indulge in great fun activity. There is a myth surrounding the tug of war game with a dog that this game makes your canine aggressive and dominant, especially when it is allowed to win the game.

On the contrary, if you allow the dog to win you will see that your loving companion enjoy the game more and become obedient and attain greater self-confidence.

Engage The Dog With Its Favorite Toys

Toys are the best way of engaging your dog, which provides you ample opportunity to develop its physical strength and mental agility. You can teach the names of the favorite toys and ask the dog to go and find its favorite toys among a pile of toys.