4 Great Benefits of Owning a Glass Table in 2022


People’s first impression of glass furniture is always that it’s beautiful but fragile. While with the development of glass-making industry, designers and manufacturers are able to produce glass furniture that perfectly combines aesthetic and quality. In recent years, glass tables have grown popular among people of all ages, so this article is going to introduce many benefits of using glass tables in your home and share some different types of glass tables.

The Ultimate Benefits of Using Glass Tables

First of all, because of the permeability of glass, it can reduce the oppressive feeling of the space while visually enlarging it. If you have limited space, you can use glass tables to make your room looks bigger. More, round glass tables are better suited to small spaces than other shapes. If you want to purchase a table with an irregular shape, you may need to measure the size of the planned area in advance. Nesting glass tables can be nested together to match different sized spaces, making them ideal for small living rooms, apartments, and offices.

Secondly, the transparent glass surface can well balance the color palette of the whole room. If you have wooden or dark furniture in your home, adding some small glass tables can help to lighten the space. If you always work from home, creating a light and open space will have a positive effect on work productivity and a happy mood.

The glass top can be combined with many base materials (wood, metal, chrome, etc) to create tables with various styles. For example, pairing a glass tabletop with a solid wood base will create a strong mid-century modern style. A gold-finish metal-framed glass table will bring a touch of glam to your living space. When a glass tabletop meets chrome legs, your room will inject a contemporary vibe immediately. Glass top tables are a good option if you want to buy one or two pieces of statement furniture but don’t want to overpower the entire room. 

Surprisingly, glass tables can be functional too. If you have a glass-top coffee table with a bottom shelf, You can locate the item you are looking for directly through the transparent tabletop, rather than bending down and searching for it. In addition, the glass-shelved console table is perfect for showing off your treasured model figures or collections, making it easier for your guests to stop and enjoy them when they visit your home. 


Types of Glass Tables Best Suit Small Spaces

Glass Coffee Tables have gained much more popularity than other types of glass tables, and they come in diverse styles and designs. For small spaces, round, rectangular, and nesting glass coffee tables are best to fit in. You can select the most suitable one according to the type of sofa you have. A round glass coffee table complements a loveseat, whereas a rectangular glass table works well for a sectional couch. 

Glass Bedside Tables are very fashionable in 2022, with mirrored glass and tempered glass one being more common in the market. Glass nightstands with round or square shapes are more suitable for a small bedroom. However, some glass side tables don’t have drawers, which may be inconvenient for customers who require a lot of storage space beside their beds. 


Glass Console Tables: If you’re tired of bulky wood console tables, the lightweight, bright glass console table deserves a try. They can be used as a beautiful display table and easily blend into a variety of home decor. If you have a bare and boring blank wall in your home, a glass console table could be a good way to complete it. Even if you don’t decorate it, it makes you feel energized and inspired.


Glass Nesting Tables are born for small space living. They not only can be nested together to fit different areas but also can be used separately to achieve doubled tabletop surface. They can function as a coffee table, or a side table next to the chair, bed, and couch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How to Clean and Protect Glass Table Tops?

Following the following tips, cleaning glass top tables will be a breeze. When cleaning, start with a damp rag and then dip some soapy water to remove difficult-to-remove stains. Later, wipe it clean with a dry rag. If there are any streaks on the surface after cleaning with a cloth, simply use crumpled newspaper to get a lint-free finish. 

Although the glass used for tables is processed at high temperatures and has a much higher hardness than ordinary glass, it’s still susceptible to being damaged. Thus, try not to bump or press the glass with force. You can put a tablecloth on the table to reduce friction with the surface and add some decorative details. In addition, avoid moving your glass tables too frequently to prevent breakage and other problems during movement.

  1. What to Put on A Glass Table?

As glass is a kind of see-through material, there are some glass table decoration principles you should be aware of. Firstly, there are some items that go with the glass table, such as cut crystal decanters, glass vases of flowers, potted greenery, candles, and so on. 

More, placing too many items on the clear top without organization will make the table appear cluttered. If you have a glass table with a bottom shelf, you must keep it neat and tidy because others can see the mess through the transparent tabletop. To create a clutter-free look, it’s recommended to use a storage box or tray to group small items, like keys, remoter, glasses, etc, avoiding visual overload. How to dress up the area around your glass table? The simplest answer is to create a bold environment for it with a patterned rug, geometric print accent chair, and other bold furnishings.   

  1. What Home Decor Styles Best Suit Glass Tables?

When glass material meets other materials, colors and designs, it’ll present different looks and feelings. Except for traditional interior design style, glass tables can be adapted to include modern, boho, Scandinavian, glam, and contemporary styles. 

  1. What are Some Advantages of Glass Tables Compared to Other Types of Tables?

Glass has become increasingly popular for making tabletops in recent years, the main benefits of glass tables are:

· Easily mixes with other materials to create different styles

· Cleaning will be a breeze that you just need to wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth

· Eco-friendly material, suitable for family use

· Can adapt to almost any home decor style

· Makes the surrounding furnishings easy to stand out


Glass tables are available in a variety of types, styles, materials, and shapes, they’re perfect for small spaces and any place that emphasizes openness, brightness, and illusion. Their presence in the hallway, living room, bedroom, etc may serve a different purpose, but they all make your home looks bigger. Glass tables go well with modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, and glam-style home decors. Glass tables can last for many years if they’re properly cared for. Are you a fan of glass tables or glass furniture? Share your story with glass things in the comments section below!

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