4 Home Improvements You Didn’t Know About Until Now


When you think of upgrading your home, you might first picture a fresh coat of paint on the walls, new flooring and a spiffy new kitchen. But there are plenty of home improvement projects that are often overlooked that can make a big difference in your house. Here are four upgrades to consider for your next project.

1. Incorporate a Stair Runner

A carpet install can be expensive. Rather than blow your improvement budget to carpet your stairs, do it yourself with a stair runner. This simple DIY is not only much more affordable than traditional carpet, but this project also gives you the opportunity to show off your unique style. And, you can say goodbye to slippery stairs. First, choose your rugs. The size and length will depend on your staircase. Next, use painter’s tape to make sure that the runner will be centered. When that is finished, add padded rectangles. These will lay below the carpet. Make sure the padding is secure with carpet tape. Finally, affix your runner by starting from the top of your staircase. For this part of the project you can use staples and upholstery tacks.

2. Upgrade Your Shower Base

As shower bases age they can deteriorate, develop holes and cracks, which can lead to leaks. A new shower base doesn’t just prevent leaks, the new addition can instantly give your shower a brand new look. There are a variety to choose from, as they range in size, shape, finish, color, drain configuration and design. When installing, be sure that the floor and the shower pan are both level. Take extra precautions to waterproof when working on the project. And remember to note the position of the drain pipe. Failure to do so can lead to leaks over time.

3. Install Energy-Efficient Windows

If you are searching for a way to minimize the cost of heating and cooling in your home, just look to your windows. Older homes are often outfitted with single-pane windows. Today’s energy-efficient windows can reduce energy usage, unlike older single-pane styles that let can let cold air in during the wintertime and heat inside during the warmer months. Contemporary double-pane windows can also protect your home from outdoor noise pollution, which makes this a viable upgrade from homes located in noisy urban areas or cities. While homeowners can install new windows, experts suggest employing a contractor for the job. A contractor can make sure that the windows are installed properly which in turn will ensure that the new windows are as efficient as possible.

4. Invest in Your Lighting

Lighting and lighting fixture trends come and go. When is the last time that you took a look at the lighting around your home? Far too often lighting is an afterthought. Before you get started, know the three different types of lighting. These include ambient, also called general lighting; accent, which is used to highlight a specific area or item on the wall; and task, which is used in areas of the home such as the kitchen or in a home office. Incorporating all three styles around your home will allow your living space to shine.

From small-scale improvements to renovations that can last a lifetime, these four overlooked home projects can bring comfort and style to your home.