4 Home Repairs You Can Perform Without The Help Of A Professional


If a pipe leaks, or the air conditioning unit is acting up, the first reaction is to call someone who knows what he or she is doing. All is nice and well until the professional you hired hands you over the bill. If you don’t budget for emergencies as a usual rule, the money you have to pay, even for seemingly small repairs, can be a lot.

So here’s a solution. Instead of reaching for your phone to call a pro, reach for your toolbox. A complete toolbox with drills, wrenches and hammers can go a long way. You can find some of the best cordless drills here. Some home repairs are not difficult at all, and you can DIY them successfully with minimum equipment and skills.


Dealing with leaking pipes

The sound of the water drops falling rhythmically on the floor beneath your sink can drove even the sanest person crazy. But while pipes may appear to be something that only a handyman dressed up in a blue overall can handle, the truth is, most of the time, they need little work to go back to their normal, no-leaking, routine.

Sometimes you only need to tighten a slip nut. Other times, you may detect a hole in them, and a coupling with hose clamps will solve it. In case the problem is related to pipes inside your walls, you can use an Android endoscope to diagnose the problem. Just make sure that the model you choose is truly waterproof.

Refinishing your hardwood floors

Now that may sound like a job only a pro can do right. But let’s face it; if you were to look at the person sent to do the job, what would you notice? Mainly, you will see that the hired hand does nothing but move a piece of equipment around.

One of the main points in favor of DIY is that you can save a lot of money, so your first question will be: isn’t that kind of equipment expensive? That’s true, and it would not be a practical decision to spend money on something you won’t use frequently.

The answer is to rent one from a hardware store. You will pay a lot less if you are the one manipulating the equipment. It should not take you more than a couple of days to deal with all the hardwood floors in your home.

Unclogging a toilet

This one may sound a bit like a dirty job, and if there’s no Mike Rowe to assist you, it may not appear like something you would feel inclined to do. However, calling a plumber may be a little overkill for something that could be solved in only a few minutes of work. Let’s add to that that the said minutes of work won’t cost you anything, except for the price of a toilet plunger.

You don’t have to be skilled or particularly athletic to deal with this type of home repair. You have to use the right kind of plunger and to put in a bit of work. Just ensure that there is enough water in the toilet bowl before using the plunger. In most cases, whatever clogs the drain pipe will become loose after several tries. And this is how you can save some money on home repairs.

Replacing light switches

Most of the electrical work that can be done in a home should be handled by a certified professional. However, changing a light switch is something you can do on your own. Just make sure to turn off the circuit breaker before proceeding and test the wires inside the all to see if there’s no electricity running through them.

Use a screwdriver to remove the plate, test the wires and replace the switch. This is an easy-peasy home repair almost anyone can do.