4 Must Know Tips Before Buying A Radar Detector


Ok so you are one of those guys who are just in love with driving, and you have a craving for the thrill of speed. You often drive at very high speeds, and this has made you break a plenty of speed limits. And when you violated a law, you have been made to pay a hefty amount for a ticket. Looking back, you realize you have spent quite an amount on just those speeding tickets. While you may be thinking that those speeding tickets were worth the thrill, let me tell you how to avoid those fines, and that in a perfectly legal way.

Traffic police use a radar gun which when pointed towards a moving object, can determine its speed. A radar gun emits radio signals by fluctuating voltage in a radio transmitter, which when hit an object, is reflected in the direction of their source (that is the radar gun). The radar gun collects the waves and determines its speed.

A radar detector is an electronic tool used for avoiding speed tickets. A radar detector is another radio signal receiver. It detects the radio frequencies emitted by radio guns in advance and warns the driver about the radar gun ahead. It is legal everywhere (with a few exceptions) and is an excellent tool for avoiding those hefty fines for pressing that gas pedal a little too hard. If you are looking to buy a radar detector, you need to know what makes the best radar detector. Find out what you need to know before buying one.

Tips For Buying the Best Radar Detector

Everyone’s requirements differ in almost everything, but there are some which are needed by everyone. We have come up with such tips which are going to make choosing the best radar detector a piece of cake among all the models, types and varieties of radar detectors out there.

1. Choosing the Right Functional Design

If you have just one car and looking for a comparatively inexpensive radar detector, buy the corded detector. It is mounted to your windshield. The main problem with this radar detector is it is effortless to steal. Thieves often break the windshield to take the radar detector (before you buy it, also check that your state allows mounting something to the windshield). If you plan on using your radar detector in more than one cars, go for the cordless radar detector. It is quite portable and quite easy to use. Further, if you want your radar detector to be safe from thieves, buy a remote mounted radar detector. It is fixed in a car and is unreachable.

2. Precision

A problem in many radar detectors is that they often give wrong alerts of a speed gun ahead. This happens because the radar detector identifies matching radio signals as those of radar guns. This occurs mostly inside cities where hundreds of electronic devices can be found at every corner. To reduce this issue, buy a radar detector with a ‘city mode’ option which works more accurately.

3. The Right Tech

Many radar guns no longer use radio waves, making all those radio radar detectors obsolete. Instead, they use lasers. And to detect those, you need laser radar detectors. A typical laser detector can warn you about radar laser guns in front, but they turn out useless for lasers at sides and back. Look for higher end laser detection models which secure you from each angle.

4. Mobile Phone Access

There are radar detectors which connect to mobiles. This allows sharing of your radar detectors’ data to your handset so you can keep track of your vehicle. With data shared on the map, you can quickly identify the places on the map where radar guns are placed. Furthermore, radar detectors also share this data with other drivers, so they stay alert in those areas. It is also helpful in knowing whether your son goes over the speed limit or stayed under it when driving your car.

Radar Detectors started as a means of avoiding speeding tickets, but modern radar detectors do much more than that. While a decent radar detector may cost you some amount, they save you quite a lot in the long run.