4 Reasons Composite Cladding is the Perfect Exterior for Any Home


Choosing the right exterior for your house is a big deal. You have to choose a product that will last for years. It has to withstand whatever weather is thrown at it, whether that is a mountain of snow, or blistering heat. It needs to compliment the overall style of your house.

You have to consider color. Can the material be painted? If not, can you stand to look at that color for many years to come?

You may consider whether your neighbors are going to hate it. After all, you could be living next to them for as long as you are in that house.

Do you want a product that will blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment? Or maybe you want a more modern contemporary look.

Most materials are great in select situations, but otherwise have a lot of draw backs. Wood siding can look great with a variety of different looks, from a rustic cabin, to a contemporary flat. But it is also prone to rotting, so you shouldn’t expect it to last long.

Brick is a beautiful choice, but is more suited for a warm rustic feel. And it can be very costly.

Vinyl siding is much more affordable, but can be a bit boring. It is also terrible for the environment, causing destruction during the manufacturing process and when it is burned after being discarded.

There is one product that is the best of all these other options. Here are 4 reasons you should use composite cladding whether you are looking to upgrade your current home or building one from scratch.

1.   It is Affordable.

Composite cladding is comparable in price to top quality vinyl siding. And it is significantly less expensive that most brick options. No matter what your budget is Composite Cladding is a great choice to protect and decorate your home’s exterior.

2.   It is Environmentally Friendly

Composite cladding is generally made up of recycled plastic, sawdust, and often includes rice husks. This helps protect the environment in two ways. It keeps these materials from ending up in a landfill where they will only pollute the earth and destroy the air. And it is more sustainable than standard lumber, which means more trees and cleaner air.

3.   It will stand the test of time

Composite cladding does not rot like wood does. And it is termite resistant. The color is infused throughout the product meaning it doesn’t lose its color over time and you never have to paint it. It will not crack or splinter in the harshest of environments. This stuff is built to last.

4.   It looks great with any design

Composite cladding has the look of real wood, and will look great with any design. If you are building an ultra, sleek, contemporary designed home with clean lines and trendy accents, composite cladding will fit that look. Or maybe you like something a little more homely that looks like it belongs in the wilderness. Composite cladding will look great with that too.

Composite Cladding is as versatile as it is beautiful. If you are in the market for a new exterior, or you are in the process of designing a brand new home, then you must consider composite cladding to protect and decorate the exterior.

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