4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Achieving the Perfect Smile


People go through cosmetic dental procedures for a variety of reasons, although those reasons are usually to enhance the appearance of their smile. In the Western world, a “perfect” smile is often described as having teeth that are straight (which also means not having an overbite or open bite) and extremely white. However, vanity is not always the only reason that people choose to undergo cosmetic dental procedures, or even simple at-home procedures. In fact, here are four reasons to consider either having a dental procedure done or exploring other options to achieve the perfect smile.

#1: Smiling is Good for Your Health

Some people don’t smile often, and it’s not due to the fact that they’re angry or sad, but it’s due to the fact that they don’t like their smile. This can be because of crooked teeth, missing teeth, or discolored teeth. Enhancing your smile by getting braces, dentures, or by using a teeth whitening kit can give you the self-esteem boost needed to encourage you to smile more. This alone automatically improves your mental health because you feel more confident about your appearance.

Smiling also benefits your physical health too. The simple act of “turning your frown upside down” releases the feel-good hormones serotonin and dopamine, and it also releases endorphins that boost your mood. This can significantly lower your stress levels, which is also healthy because high stress levels not only cause mental strain, but can also lead to high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke. So when you’re confident in your smile, you’ll do it more and your mental and physical health will thank you.

#2: Good Dental Hygiene Affects Your Overall Health

Of course, not everyone needs to get braces, dentures, or a fancy whitening kit to achieve the perfect smile. However, if you do seek any of the options to improve your smile, it’s still important to practice good dental hygiene. The mouth is the gateway to the digestive system and respiratory system, and poor oral care can result in more bacteria in the mouth that can cause diseases and illnesses throughout the entire body. You should aim to brush your teeth at least twice a day, although once a day is enough to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. However, once a day may not be enough to prevent cavities.

#3: There Are Alternatives to Braces and Dentures

When it comes to crooked teeth, missing teeth, and other imperfections of a smile, braces and dentures are two of the most common ways people fix their smiles. Even though there are alternatives to braces (e.g., clear aligners) and dentures are more comfortable and real-looking than before, these aren’t your only options when it comes to correcting your smile. There are also dental implants and veneers (both permanent and temporary) that can be better options for some people. Not everyone needs braces to correct slightly misaligned teeth, and not everyone needs a full set of dentures to replace missing teeth. Consult with your dentist and look into all of your options for correcting your smile.

#4: Correcting Teeth Can Alleviate Jaw Pain

Sometimes misaligned teeth can be so severe that they cause pain in the jaw and neck, especially when chewing. Straighter teeth allow you to bite and chew your food properly and will prevent extra wear and tear on the teeth, which contributes to erosion and sensitive teeth. Sometimes even a person’s speech can be affected by crooked or crowded teeth, and this can also put strain on the jaw, resulting in jaw, neck, and ear pain, and even headaches.

No matter which option you choose to enhance your smile, always remember to practice good oral hygiene. Your overall health is most important when it comes to any enhancements or alterations. Also, remember to eat a healthy diet because many of the foods that are bad for your health are also bad for your teeth.