4 Seasonal Insect Problems We Have To Be Aware Of


Insects tend to emerge in the spring and multiply rapidly through the summer months. By the end of the summer or early fall many of them vanish; finding themselves suitable nooks and crannies to hide away in until the next spring.

In fact the fall and early spring is a great time to get hold of the exterminators. This is when the insects are most docile and easiest to get rid of.

As the warmer weather arrives and the insects start to multiply this can have a direct effect on the number of spiders. Spiders rely on insects for food, the greater the insect numbers the higher the spider number; the two figures are directly related. In short, the warmer the summer the greater the number of insects and spiders. That’s why you need to be aware of these 4 seasonal insect problems.


You may need to contact your local pest control service to have the issue dealt with properly.

  • Multiplication

The first problem to be aware of is that the insects will start to rapidly multiply in the spring. This process will be much faster if the weather is warmer than usual; the insects will start to think it is late spring at the beginning of the season.

This multiplication means you are much more likely to have an issue with insects and, as mentioned; this will increase the size of the spider population.

You’ll need to keep your eyes open for any dangerous spiders.

  • Home Building

Insects need to build new nests in the spring; this is to accommodate their bulging numbers and help with the survival of their species.

Unfortunately one of the best places for them to live is actually in your home. It’s because the micro climate in your house offers them the right balance of temperature, moisture and food availability.

To prevent your home from being invested you’ll need to ensure all potential entry points are sealed before the spring begins.

  • Emerging Insects

Another seasonal insect problem is those that are already buried into your home and hibernated the winter away. You may not know they are present and your attempts to seal your house may actually trap the insects inside.

They will still continue to multiply and expand; providing they have access to food and water. This can quickly become an issue for you which is why it’s essential that you keep all food in containers, clean your counter tops regularly and remove all standing water sources. This will make it very difficult for them to flourish in your home.

  • Mosquitoes

Protecting your home from insect invasion is important but you can’t spend all your time in the house. In general the biggest issue in the warmer months is mosquitoes. They are especially prevalent at low light; such as dusk.

You need to use mosquito repellant sprays and nets on your windows to protect you and your family from getting bitten at night.

The most important thing to remember when dealing with seasonal insect problems; is that there is professional help available.