4 Secret Tricks To Look Put Together Every Day


Do you ever wonder how do they do it? If the “look put together” seems like it will take lots of time, you are wrong. I have some really helpful tricks that actually work. They are applicable to your everyday life and won’t take much of your precious time. Ordinary women use these tips to look perfect on everyday basis, so make sure that you don’t miss them!


Remove your makeup before bed

This is the thing that most of the women forget about. I know that sometimes you will feel lazy and tired. But, remember that your skin won’t forget it. It won’t contribute to look put together.

If you go to sleep without cleaning, all the makeup and dirt will clog your pores during the night. When you wake up, the chances that you will notice acne and blackheads are huge. To wake up with a fresh-looking face, remember to clean your skin and moisturize it in the evening. This will change the whole game. In the morning, you will wake up to radiant and glowing skin. It will also save you some precious time applying makeup since your face will already look beautiful.

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The laundry trick

The clothes can really tell a lot about you. And I’m now thinking that you should get all expensive and fancy clothes. Looking decent and put together is the priority. The price tag has nothing to do with it. Wrinkled clothing can really ruin the impression of a put-together person. And we know how boring ironing really is. To avoid any problems, fold the laundry immediately after drying. Clothes made of wrinkle-prone materials should be dried on a hanger.

Secret trick: Don’t have the time to iron, but still want to look put together? Hang the garment in the bathroom, after you have taken a hot and steamy shower. The steam will do its job and the wrinkles will be gone. This is a perfectly effortless trick that will save you lots of time.

Don’t forget the jewelry

The jewelry will add a finishing touch to your outfit. Forget about all those cheap costume jewelry pieces. Instead, go for some budget-friendly and stylish options. Silver is a good option since it is affordable and durable. It won’t tarnish and will always look beautiful and bright.

Do you think that putting on jewelry will take you time? For me, it doesn’t. The trick is to choose your to-go pieces and keep them handy. For example, I have a nice jewelry tray. I keep my silver studs, a ring, and a watch there. It is handy, so I can grab them whenever I need them.


Cut down on makeup time

Full face makeup simply won’t work if you are in a hurry. But, there is one trick that will save you from that. Instead, try to cut down on makeup time. You should literally shorten your daily makeup routine to less than 5 minutes.

How can you do this? One of my favorite tricks is to use BB cream. Instead of applying face cream, wait for it to absorb, apply foundation, and wait again, I choose to put a toned cream. It will cover the imperfections. Next, add a quick coat of mascara, a lipstick, and you are all ready.

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