4 Signs and Definitions of Success Today


When you think back to growing up as a child, what did you think was the ultimate version of success for an adult? Was it having your own children? How about having an office job in which you report to the boss every day, get your pay raises, and retire at 55 years old? 

Did you imagine driving around with your family in a nice suburban vehicle like the Infiniti G35, your golden retriever wagging his tongue in the breeze? You would drive up to your two-story house with a nice yard and a white picket fence, wave to your neighbors and repeat this utopia for decades.

Whatever you thought success was when you were a child, it’s pretty obvious that once you get to adulthood, there are many more versions of fulfilling life than the scenarios described above. In a world rocked by the pandemic for the last two years, people have had to reorient their dream lives and opt for making the best out of things.

We’ll talk about the different signs and definitions of success today compared to the ideas that used to run amok a few decades ago. Don’t let anyone tell you your life isn’t living up to the standards they believe in. Every journey is personal and worthwhile if the person living it appreciates it. 

#1 – Can you financially support yourself?

A universal sign of success no matter what time we are living in is whether you can financially support yourself. It would be nice to have someone pay for everything we need until we’re long gone, but it’s simply not realistic. 

Parents and guardians eventually pass away, and if you haven’t established a successful way to bring in money, you’re going to have a very tough time recovering. Being independent is one of the best ways to feel secure and successful. It opens the door to so many other opportunities down the road. 

The great thing about 2022 is there are more creative ways to make a living than ever before. The internet and remote working revolution have been spurred on even more by the pandemic, and people are creating jobs at home that they never imagined in the past. 

Create a perfect work environment from your couch or dining room, and get started on the business venture of your dreams. Ignore what others think of your choice in career. As long as you are happy and bringing money into your bank account, nothing else matters. 

#2 – Are you happy?

How often do you smile throughout the day? Joy is an underrated aspect of adult life that seems to be forgotten. Kids are always having fun, laughing, and enjoying their time no matter what they are doing. Adults need to realize that there is more to waking up each morning than going to work, eating, and sleeping. 

If you aren’t hurting anyone, there is no reason to ignore your needs for happiness. Don’t skip work to play video games if you are hurting your family. You need to be a responsible person because it’s the moral thing to do. But if you don’t have any obligations for the day, relax and think about yourself. 

After all, we’re all just on a big rock in the middle of space. People forget the things we deem important are often not what we actually desire. Everyone needs to decide what makes them happy regardless of what society, family, and other people say. 

Productivity is important, but don’t let the act of being busy consume you. If you have fulfilled all of your obligations to yourself and others, it’s vital to put the focus on your own happiness. Lying on the couch and relaxing should be encouraged if that’s what makes you happy and you have finished all of your responsibilities for the day. 

#3 – Are you positively impacting others? 

You should deem yourself successful if you are happy and making others happy. Nobody is responsible for the joy others feel, but doesn’t it seem right to figure out how you can positively impact others daily? 

You can do this throughout your career. Did you choose a job that provides service for others? If you become a fireman, teacher, or medical professional, you are constantly providing for the community you are a part of on a daily basis. You know the hours you are spending on your job are much more fulfilling than filing paperwork in some boring, rote office position. 

If you don’t have this type of job, you can do simple things for your neighbors and friends. Pick up your brother’s kids from school. Go to the local canned food drive on a Saturday. Pick up recycling for the clean-up event downtown. These acts of kindness go a long way in helping others and make you feel like your life is worth more than you originally thought.

You shouldn’t feel like an immoral person if you don’t do these things. Just try to think about whether you are doing something that will make others appreciate your presence. We all want to be remembered, so make that memory a positive one. 

#4 – Are you embracing the way the world is now? 

The best way to be successful today is to stop fantasizing about the past. The ways your parents and grandparents defined their lives differ in so many ways from how you should. It’s hard to stop comparing ourselves to others, especially family members who became successful in their chosen fields and family lives. 

Despite this urge, carve out a future that will make others look up to you down the line. You can’t be successful today by focusing on the past. The jobs and the domestic expectations of 1970 are different from 2022. We are a global, connected society. Your ancestors wouldn’t even recognize the things you do to spend your time now.

Living in the present doesn’t mean not planning for the future; you should ensure you have a 401(k) for retirement and look into life insurance for seniors if you are nearing the end of your life. But you shouldn’t be focused solely on what happens next.

If you see that you are living in the present and you are enjoying overcoming the obstacles of today’s world, then it’s obvious that you are successful. You are pushing yourself and the world forward. 

Shawn Laib writes and researches for the car insurance site, CarInsuranceComparison.com. He wants to help people see how modern success stories come in a variety of ways.