4 Struggles Newlyweds Often Face


The moment you heard a church bell ringing in the background, right after you and your spouse shared a kiss in front of the people closest to your heart, you began your forever with your spouse. Love is a strong force, but life has a way to challenge it.


Around 2.24 million marriages were registered in the US in 2017, but after two to three years about 45% of them will end in divorce according to statistics. There are many factors why people fall in love and choose to settle down, and there is a fair amount of reason why relationships fall apart too. Rather than looking at it as a happy ending, marriage is a right of passage to those who want to build a family. It is a ceremony to celebrate a new chapter in one’s life.

Right after the cheers, the kiss and the honeymoon, the reality of life will quickly hit you. Newlyweds have some challenges and struggles ahead. It is all up to you and your partner how to handle it and survive to your golden wedding. Here are some struggles a newlywed commonly experience:

Post-Wedding Depression

Right after you got engaged, you began preparing for the big day. Every moment of it is stressful, demanding and exciting. Contemplating whether you go for a church, garden, or beach wedding. Visiting locations for the special day. Looking for the most beautiful wedding gown, trying out various food for the reception, researching the perfect honeymoon destination. Every detail of a wedding is exciting.

The absence of these types of excitement is what causes post-wedding depression. After the whole year of thrilling preparation come the plain minutiae simple life. You need to make sure that you have enough time to transition your habits and routine to simple everyday living. It also helps if you and your partner can celebrate small wins in life, it can definitely bring back if not sustain that exciting factor.


Financial Situation

There is a reason why prenuptial agreements are used to some marriages. It is because of financial issues matter. Admit it or not, finances are a factor in married life. It can be difficult to find a balance between spending habits and uneven income. Remember that you are a team now and you both need to have a consolidated decision on what’s the financial priority of the family like where to spend and how to spend.


A couple of months after your passionate honeymoon somewhere in the tropics, you find yourself in the middle of intimacy issue. Living together under the same roof means you can do whatever you want but at the same time you tend to have some demanding work – going home tired. In addition, you personally need some me time too.

Sex drive may also slowly fade away as excitement tends to decrease overtime. Trying to conceive a baby can easily become feel like a chore rather than being an intimate moment. Keeping the flame alive is an important aspect of married life. You need to set and plan date nights or dinner for both of you, where to work, people or whatever can stop you from enjoying quality time together.



American series usually show a comedic stereotypical relationship between a married couple and their respective in-laws. And it is not far from the truth. They may not openly agree with you or say It to your face, but there are times where your personality just clash. You have a different way of thinking and that can easily lead to conflict.

They mean well, that is for sure, but you need to set boundaries on how you run your married life. Remember that you can open up to your significant other but make sure you deliver it in the most respectful way.