4 Themes for Your Little Girl’s Nursery

Photo via: projectnursery.com

When it comes to bringing a newborn into the world, there is always so much to consider. It can seem like a lot to handle for new parents, but there is so much fun that can and will happen along the way. Designing your nursery is one of those things that will remind you of all the beautiful things to come for your little girl.

Home decor for your child’s nursery can easily be inspired by different themes such as “The Sky’s the Limit” or “Pretty in Pink.” Here are a few unique themes you can use to be inspired when designing your new daughter’s nursery.

Pretty In Pink Nursery

The color pink is a classic and timeless shade for a baby girl’s nursery. Pink represents love and is an inherently charming color. But as we all know, too much of anything isn’t always a good thing. Thankfully, there are great ways to keep with the Pretty In Pink theme without overpowering the room.

Earth tones like soft browns, light greens, and cream can tie the nursery all together. Start with one piece of nursery wall decor and build from there. A personalized girl’s name sign with faux blush floral designs is a great accent to start with. From there, you can find small ways to add colors from your palette to add a splash of color to your cream or white-based walls. Remember to keep it simple. We promise you’ll be grateful you did.

Rainbow Bright Nursery

Rainbows have various meanings in different cultures. Most popularly, they’re a beautiful representation of hope, peace, and equality. Not only that, but rainbows have a special meaning for parents having their first child after the loss of another. It’s no wonder the bright and eccentric theme of rainbow-bright can bring light into any little girl’s nursery and their family.

Most people think rainbows might be too bright or aggressive for the room. When designing a rainbow-themed nursery, keep the colors of your walls a simple color. Adding a few rainbow accents throughout the room with your wall decor, pillows, and decorative mobiles can add a splash of color without becoming too overwhelming.

The Sky’s The Limit Nursery

A personal favorite theme is bringing the sky into your baby girl’s nursery. The sky represents infinity, wrapping your daughter with the idea of limitless possibilities as you bring her into the world for the first time, starting from the moment they enter into their very first bedroom.

If you want to keep the room feeling calm while allowing the space to breathe, use light shades of blue when painting the walls. Colors like soft pink and cream are the perfect palette combination for added hints of color. Wall decals of clouds and the sun can bring a sense of daylight.

If you want more of a starry night feel, start with painting one accent wall a deeper shade of blue. Too many dark walls can make the nursery feel smaller. Add silver or white stars against the backdrop of the crib to add to your night sky and hang single strands of matching stars spaced throughout the room.

The Secret Garden Nursery

The Secret Garden is a timeless story that brings a whimsical and magical ambiance to any nursery. It’s a story of exploration, discovery, and of course, a hidden garden that brings life to a young girl’s heart. It’s no wonder this is a popular nursery theme as any parent would want to bring magic and whimsy into their newborn’s life.

Creating a garden within your nursery can be a bohemian-chic way to spruce up the design through forest-style decals, floral wall decor, and macramé chandeliers. String lights can create the feeling of living within a fairy tale and can be a great way to add soft lighting to keep your baby girl slumbering well into the night (or at least one can only hope as a new parent).

Whatever theme you decide to use for your newborn’s nursery, it can be a theme that is repurposed for years to come as you watch your little girl grow up.