4 Things You Didn’t Know That Are Damaging Your Hair


Your hair serves a valuable purpose, it’s designed to protect your scalp from the sun’s rays, give cushioning for your skull, and even helps to keep your head warm. Considering how much heat is lost through your head, approximately 45% of your body heat, hair places a valuable role in keeping you warm.

Unfortunately, your hair is also subject to an array of stresses every day. That includes washing, brushing, and even styling as well as colouring. Some of these things can damage your hair, weakening its ability to protect you and help you look and feel great.

  1. Cheap Styling Tools

A cheap styling tool will probably not have a heat adjustment setting or use ceramic plates. That means the heat being applied to your hair will be high and very intense. It will take seconds to damage the outer layer of your hair, causing it to dehydrate and become brittle. 

Naturally, a good quality heat protective spray will help to minimize damage (visit this page if you want to see more options). But, if you want to look after your hair you need to invest in quality styling tools. They use ceramic plates and have controllable heat settings. Simply set the heat as low as possible to get the desired results and slide them slowly through your hair.

  1. Brushing When Wet

When your hair is wet it is much heavier. This means that brushing it when wet increases the strain on the roots. The bonds in your hair are also looser, increasing the likelihood of you damaging them. The best idea is to let your hair dry before brushing. If you don’t, your hair is likely to be damaged and dry looking. 

  1. Washing It Too Often

You may be keen to keep your hair looking great and, as such, you wash it every day. However, if you wash it every day then you are washing the oil away from your scalp. This oil is supposed to coat your hair, protecting it from contaminants. Stripping the hair of its oil makes it more likely it will be damaged.

If you have very oily hair you may need to wash it every day. But, for most people, every other day will suffice. Your hair can still be styled and look great without washing it every day.

  1. Excess Stress

Stress is bad for your body. It increases your cortisol levels which reduces your production of other hormones. This can have a detrimental effect on how your body operates. 

In fact, long-term stress has been linked with an increased risk of several age-related diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular issues. 

Stress also damages your hair. The lack of protein and other nutrients being directed to your hair when you’re stressed means that your hair will quickly look dull and feel unhealthy. 

You need to learn to avoid some stressful situations and do breathing exercises when you are faced with stressful situations. It’s good for you, your overall health, and your hair.