4 Tips for Your First Car Trade Show Booth


A trade show brings multiple fields of an industry together. You can ensure a good learning environment, justify your marketing budget with great ROI and expand your brand. The B2B trade show market in the US stood at $15.58 billion in 2019 and adapted online events and webinars in 2020 to cope with the pandemic, according to figures released by Statista. Studies have found that a mix of online and in-person conventions would be a winning technique in the future. The exhibitions offer a wealth of opportunities. 

Strategically plan your display counter and adopt technologies. Be creative by adding tailor-made model cars and scale model cars for sale from a company that has been representing clients at trade shows for 20 years or more, according to experts at Premier Car Models. Yet that’s not all to win over the crowd. Below are other effective tips. 

  1. Ensure Interactive Experiences

Consider LED displays, touch screens, and participation demonstrations to ensure attendees stick around, according to an article by GES. Add model car building kits and build your own model car to the booth. Pick the ones that can be easily assembled and dissembled to save time and allow more people to participate. Car model making is likely to attract car enthusiasts to spend more time with you. This would be a good chance to offer a sales pitch and promote your brand. Videos and slide shows are also useful in drawing the attention of buyers. 

  1. Unique Food Options 

Everyone would love to munch while strolling through the kiosks. Consider renting expresso or ice-cream machines besides toy car models and brochures. Scrumptious finger foods and light snacks could help pull a crowd to your booth. Don’t forget to offer free water bottles. One smart way to market your brand is to add the brand name and contact details on the packages. Food goodies are often a big hit as a trade show giveaway. 

  1. Product Demos are Vital 

Demonstrations stimulate interest, minimizes concerns and coveys a sense of ownership, according to an article by Chron. Help customers build model cars or check out large scale model cars that are replicas of the original. These can actively engage and help understand the features. The figures do not need to be fancy or expensive. But make sure car fanatics can check out the details well enough to consider a visit to your showroom. You can order simple model race cars kits or similar products and encourage people to build model cars. Consider a giveaway contest to have more people flock to your counter.  

  1. Knowledgeable Staff 

No new employee must be sent to attend to the customers. They are less likely to have high-end product information. Instead, pick assistants who have in-depth knowledge and years of experience. This helps clear the doubts and questions of customers better. They should be able to answer all the questions and offer a deep insight into cars with the help of plastic model cars for sale. The best ones also have a convincing tone that could generate leads. 

Whether your dealership is adding a new car or looking to boost existing business, attending a trade show is quite effective. It helps to build a conversation around your offers. You are likely to stand out amongst all other competition.