4 Tips To Define Your Brows


Eyebrows are important as every part of face, even they can change the look of your face. Actually, I want to say that the brow shape can influence to your face look. So, it is important to have the right brow shape. But for more sophisticated look, it is good to define your brows. There is the real difference between define and non-define eyebrows. Define brows look more attractive, sophisticated and make your face to sparkle in some way. So, let’s define the brows, using some of these 4 tips to define your brows!

Brow Define with Eyeliner/Brow-liner

Filling brows with eyeliner or brow liner is most often used way to define brow. After you put the eyeliner on the brow, use concealer or white liner and put it under the brow. When you put the eyeliner/brow-liner, make a darker line on bottom line of the eyebrows.

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Brow Defining With Eye-shadow/Brow-shadow

Filling brow with eye or brow-shadow is easy way to define your brows. If you are with dark color choose more darker shade of brown or even black eye/brow shadow and you are blonde choose more lighter shade of eye/brow shadow. Put the concealer upper and below the brows with angled brush to make your brows more dramatic.

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Brow defining With Brow Gel

Brow gel is good for those who have a thick brows, but messy to keep them in place. With brow gel, the messy brows will get in place. You can make the shade of brows you want, while you are putting the gel.

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Defining Brows With Mascara

There is a special brow mascara, but you can use also the eye mascara to define your brows. Put the mascara on your brows and rubs it with angled brush. Below the brows put the concealer and your brows will look really attractive.

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I really like defining brows with brow-liner. It is simple for me and make my brows look wonderful. Do you find your favorite tip to define your brow? Let’s try it and tell me how it works for you!!