4 Tips to Save Money While Living in a Foreign Country


We could all agree that saving money is difficult. Especially, when you are thrown away from your comfort zone. For example, when you need to settle in a foreign country. 

Living abroad differs pretty dramatically from visiting a country and a lot needs to be considered in order not to become broke on the first month in a new place. Suddenly, everything seems too expensive in a new land. That includes food, transport, traveling, package shipping, and more. 

Here you will find simple, yet pretty genius tips and tricks to save money when living abroad. Let’s get started. 

Be smart when having fun

It is super easy to spend money when you’re out having fun. However, enjoying your life is a necessity if you want to feel good about living in another country. Yet, going out is costly. But there are always some ways out. 

Look up free events happening in your neighborhood and visit whenever you feel like doing it. This way you’ll stay socialized and will definitely make some new friends. Another great way to have fun is by enjoying nature. Go for a hike and enjoy the spectacular horizons around you. Simply be creative and don’t let bad finances ruining your free time. 

Keep in touch without traveling 

Homesickness is definitely one of the biggest challenges when moving to a foreign part of the world. Thus, heading back to your homeland seems like a perfect idea to avoid this odd feeling. Of course, it’s a straight way out, but usually traveling costs a fortune.

Another great way to connect with your loved ones is package shipping. Sending a care package is one of the most personal and heartwarming gestures you can do for an important person. 

At this point, you’ll need to find an affordable shipping carrier. The shipping price mostly depends on both the country you’re staying in and the destination point. For example,  from the USA or shipping to Romania usually costs less than shipping, for example, package shipping to Poland to Russia. Prices always vary, therefore, try to find the most affordable shipping carrier. 

Avoid holiday mood

We all know that it’s very easy to spend money when you’re on holiday. And when you’re in a foreign country, it sure is easy to feel like on vacation. But if you’re in a new country for good, do not forget it. You are not going home in a week or two, therefore you must constantly think of your financial situation. 

Use public transportation

If the new city you’re living in offers a good public transportation system, take advantage of it. Usually, public transport is a much cheaper option to move around than using taxis or owning a vehicle by yourself. Plus, using public transport helps to get to know the surroundings better. 

The bottom line

Money-saving ways usually depend on the country you’re living in. Affordable package shipping, public transport, and other tips are just a few of many. But hopefully, they will help you stay savvy when living in an unfamiliar country.