4 Trendy Nail Patterns You Should Try This Spring

There are different nail designs depending on the colors and patterns used, as well as depending on the occasion and season. That is why we are always trying to bring to you versatile nail designs, so that you can get inspired of how to do your nails. Today, we have chosen several nail tutorials including the 4 Trendy Nail Patterns You Should Try This Spring. Scroll down to find out which are they and choose which one you will try first. Enjoy!

Polka Dot Nail Tutorials

A polka dot pattern is one of the trendiest patterns for spring time and at the same time one of the easiest ones. Use some pencil, dotting tool or maybe even a chopstick to add the dots more precisely. Choose some contrasting colors so that the dots can stand out.

Photo via: fabnailartdesigns.com

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

Color Blocking Nail Tutorials

The color-blocking trend has taken the stage this spring and you should try do it with your clothes, as well as on your nails. First, choose the colors that you will use. After that decide on which pattern you will go for, whether a vertical, horizontal, diagonal one, or maybe some mixture of them. Use some washi tape or some striping tapes, so that you can separate the colors more precisely.

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

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Photo via: ispydiy.com

Striped Nail Tutorials

Another trendy pattern that should be part of your outfit combos as well as of your nail designs is the striped pattern. Stripes can be found in different colors, horizontal or vertical, thick or thin. When it comes to outfit combos, the black and white stripes are the most common ones, but when it comes to striped nail designs, feel free to experiment with all different shades.

Photo via: sonailicious.com

Photo via: sonailicious.com

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

Floral Nail Tutorials

And of course the best pattern for spring time is the floral one. Decide on what colors you will use and what size and shape the flowers will be. From the following tutorials you can learn how to draw some flowers on your nails. However, if you think that you cannot draw them perfectly, you can find some flower stickers and just apply them on your nails.

Photo via: sonailicious.com

Photo via: blog.lulus.com

Photo via: magazine.cultcosmetics.com

So, now that you are familiar with the trendy nail patterns for spring, you can choose which one you will try first. And when it comes to colors, black, white and red shades are always a good choice, as well as pastel colors which are the right ones for spring time. Thank you for reading and stay up to date with us for other inspiring nail tutorials.

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