4 Trendy Ways to Carry a Drawstring Bag


Bags were originally created for portability and storage utility while you were on the move. Over a period of time, it became a fashion accessory. A trendy bag is considered an integral part of your overall look regardless of your need. Likewise, if you feel you need to carry a bag to store your stuff while you are on the go, make sure it is trendy and complements your attire or do not carry them at all. In the past decade, fashion houses around the world have ventured into designing bags, bringing out a diverse range of styles from oversized totes to satchels to clutches. There is a style of bag for every occasion and for every look be it casual or formal.

Speaking of bags, do you remember those oversized string backpacks back from your school days? The ones that were cheap and looked ugly but you loved them because you could stuff three books and a box of stationery in it and carry it on your shoulders as you headed to school. Mos of us liked those bags only to the extent of wearing them to school and would never even think of carrying them as something fashionable.

Here’s a trend alert – If you have not considered carrying drawstring bags as a fashion accessory, it is time to do so now. They are back, and this time they are back with a bang. As surprising as it sounds, backpacks are now the latest fashion trends. Many celebs are being spotted sporting a string bags and pulling them off in an uber chic manner. You can purchase these drawstring bags online or from one of the local stores near you.

If you are planning for some bag shopping, ditch those regular totes and satchels and consider grabbing a smart cinch bag. Unlike before, they are now available in different designs, colors, and materials so that you can choose one according to your own preferences to suit different occasions. What makes them more exciting is the fact that you can even have your own custom drawstring bags and make your own fashion statement. Here are five hot backpack trends that you should look out for in 2018.

  • Go Floral

Summer is all about sporting floral prints and pastel hues and we all love them. If you are planning to sport a floral short dress or a skirt this summer, ditch your tote and sport a denim or canvas drawstring backpack in a single solid tone that contrasts and complements your outfit. If your outfit is in a single hue, complement it with a floral print multi-colored canvas cinch backpack. It will not only look trendy, neat and smart but will also be much more convenient than carrying an unnecessarily oversized bag. Whether you are going for a girl’s night out, have a dinner date or a beach party, this cinch bag is going to be your best friend.

  • Go Formal

Do you have an interview scheduled, where you are expected to look smart and presentable? Do you want something fashionable yet convenient to carry to your workplace? A leather cinch backpack will make a perfect choice for your formal dressing needs. Slip in your notebook, laptop, smartphone, and wallet and stand out in the crowd. If leather is not your thing you can also consider a solid color drawstring backpack.

  • Go Glam with a Cinch Bag

Most people will shudder at the thought of carrying a drawstring backpack to a prom. Generally, clutches are the only thing that comes to our minds when we think of ballgowns and cocktail parties. The 2018 fashion trends are calling for you to say goodbye to those clutches and bring in a cinch bag that has bling and glitz to add oomph to your gown.

It is understandable why the thought of using those high school backpacks as a formal accessory is making you cringe – but we can bet you will fall in love with this new trend. The best part is that you do not need to worry about losing them and focusing more on holding your clutch and less on the dance floor. Let that bling little beauty carry all your things on your back while you dance your heart out. You can make your own fashion statement with personalized drawstring bags. Add sequins and Swarovski to add your own signature style of glam.

  • Say Goodbye to Your Gym Bag

If you think, cinch backpack are only meant for carrying tiny stuff, think again. Their material and design make them exceptionally spacious and multipurpose to the extent that you can easily stuff in your gym socks, towel, water bottle and other supplies necessary for your workout class. It is so convenient to carry everything on your back and walk around freely rather than carrying a humungous gym bag every time you go to the gym.