4 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas For Your Best Friends


You have found the dress of your dreams and you have found shoes for it, but, what about the wedding gift? Your best friend is getting married and you don’t know what to buy yet!? Don’t worry, I have 4 unique wedding gift ideas that will awaken your creativity in a minute. All of them are very interesting and fun! It is time to forget the cash, wine trays or porcelain vases, because we are talking about your best friend’s wedding. So, check out the selection that I have made for you now!

Personalized wedding gifts

Personalized wedding gifts are always a good choice. You can paint something by yourself or just buy it from the shop or you can write some words relating their unconditional love or the friendship between you two. The engraved gift with their names is also a very interesting idea that will show that you have put an effort to find a perfect and unique gift for them. This is a unique present that will show your love and respect for your dearest friend.

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Thrilling gift of experience

For those couples that are adrenaline junkies, the ideas like a coffee maker or a set of glasses are not good. You should find something that will surprise and satisfy these wild souls. You can give them a thrilling gift of experience. What do you think? With a gift like this you will prove them how much you know them. Hang – gliding, rafting or skydiving? These are some of the amazing adventure gifts that you can give to your friends. They will have a lot of fun and they will always remember on your gift.

image via www.skydivingnewyorkny.com

Gift clubs and subscriptions

You know your friend for a whole life and you probably know her habits and what kind of things she likes. So, it won’t be difficult for you to choose from restaurants, wine clubs, beer clubs or brownie clubs. Surprise the wedding couple with a gift club and subscription. If they are wine lovers, there is nothing better than a gift like that. Choose from annual, quarterly and monthly membership.

club subscriptions
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Buy a star

This is a totally unique idea that has become very popular among the people around the globe. Name a star for your best friend and show your love, affection and friendship with a gift like this. This  is a long-lived gift and it also very intimate. Plus, the couple will be able to share the star with their children. If you choose to buy a star, you will get a complete package with facts, pictures and background info about the star that you have chosen.

Despite the weddings, you can buy a shining star and name it for every other special occasion like Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day, engagements. This is a perfect idea to express your deep feelings and you will be 100% sure that a gift like this will last forever.

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