4 Uses For Ornamental Fencing You Never Thought of


Ornamental fences serve two functions: creating a boundary and looking beautiful. Today’s aluminum fencing recreates the classic look of wrought and cast iron, which has graced homes, churchyards, and public buildings for 100+ years. Though rust and wear have claimed many historic examples, innovative materials and construction enable property owners to re-create their stately appeal without the costly installation and upkeep. And updated designs give you a choice between 19th-century decorative style and a cleaner, modern look. 


Thinking about making a statement with your property? Ornamental fencing offers dozens of options, some of which you may not have thought about. Read on for ideas and inspiration!

Ornamental Fences in Landscaping

If you have a green thumb or think your property’s landscaping could use a fresh look, ornamental aluminum fences instantly create a feeling that nothing else can. Build a small English garden nestled in the corner of your yard — protected from deer and immaculately manicured — a little rectangle of order filled brimming herbs, hedges, and tranquility. Or use a fence to protect front-yard plantings, keeping foot traffic out of your flowers while maximizing visibility.

Make a bold statement: Spruce up your property entrance with fencing and plantings. Whether for a large residential yard, or the entrance to an office park, campus, or other large property, an ornamental aluminum fence anchors the landscaping. They support climbing vines and help your eyes create geometric order to the organic shapes in front of them. Today’s precision-engineered fences can handle the job. Because they’re seamless and virtually rust-proof, the only maintenance you’ll need to handle is the weeding. 

Ornamental Fences for Security

There’s no classier way to say “keep out” in a residential setting than with ornamental aluminum fencing. For those who value safety and peace of mind, these sturdy fence designs can help enclose and secure a property. Even a low, sweeping fence bordering the front of your property can help, keeping passers-by and opportunists off your yard while offering welcoming, generous views and feeling inviting to friends and guests. Yes, someone could climb or step over, but even a minor obstacle can be an effective deterrent, drawing unwanted attention to anyone who tries. Want a more effective barrier that still looks amazing? Ornamental fences are available in taller heights as well.

Ornamental aluminum fencing funnels visitors through your gate. No more cutting through your flower beds. Whether you live in a city with a high-traffic sidewalk or a suburban neighborhood, these designs complement landscaping, make a bold impact, and simply show off your house and yard. If you’re proud of your home’s exterior, choose an ornamental aluminum fence to help draw attention to where it belongs: the architecture.

Ornamental Fences in Parks & Playgrounds

When cities or private organizations need an attractive way to contain kids, fence-in an off-leash dog area, or myriad other needs, they turn to ornamental aluminum fencing. It’s durable enough to withstand the stresses of public spaces, attractive, and virtually maintenance-free. Create a stress-free play area where parents can relax, and kids can run free. Install ornamental aluminum fencing around the perimeter of a playground. Use it to create a barrier between high-traffic areas and landscaping. Help secure the entrance to facilities like ice rinks, pools, golf courses, maintenance buildings, and field houses, keeping people out during off-hours. Historic parks in particular benefit from precision-engineered ornamental aluminum fencing, keeping them looking as great as they did decades ago.

Ornamental Aluminum Pool Fences

Protect your pool and your family. Pool fences help keep kids safely away from the water’s edge and serve as a deterrent for unwanted swimmers. Don’t hide your pool — show it off with a fence that looks amazing and allows a clear view of the space. Ornamental aluminum adds class and style while serving this important function. Plus, you’ll be able to lounge by the water with a better view of your surroundings outside — ideal for keeping an eye on kids and pets.

Pool fencing falls into special building code categories, with specific requirements for height, the distance between pickets, ground clearance, and gate latching. Fortunately, ornamental aluminum fence manufacturers offer code-compliant pool fences in a variety of styles. And, given their rust-free, low-maintenance engineering, you can forget about scrubbing and painting. Instead, spend your sunny afternoons relaxing by the water.

Installing ornamental fences is easier than you think.

Today’s ornamental aluminum fencing offers precision-engineered quality that withstands abuse, shrugs off the elements, and stays beautiful for decades. They’re carefully designed for hassle-free installation. With no visible fasteners, they echo the timeless look of iron without the weight or maintenance. For information about design options, or to get a no-cost estimate, talk to the pros at Nobility Fence. We stand by our products with a lifetime transferrable warranty. Get more information today.