4 Ways That Wall Art Prints Can Improve Your Mood


It’s no secret that art can transform a room, but what about your mood? It may be surprising that artwork and wall art prints can profoundly affect mental health and mindset.

Colour theory, for example, can elicit and evoke various emotions depending on the colour you are viewing:

Red, for example, is often thought to be masculine, aggressive, and assertive, as well as passionate and fiery. In contrast, blue is linked to an intellectual response by providing people with calm, reassuring, and cold reactions.

Below we are showing you the four ways that the colours and art you choose in your home can not improve your mood but help bring the vibes to your home.

De-stress & Relax

Not only is looking at art proven to de-stress and relax the body, but it can also bring a real sense of zen to a room. If you’re choosing a more subtle aesthetic for your wall art prints, then picking those neutral tones and calming compositions can have a real positive impact on reducing your stress levels.

Art therapy is a proven science as viewing and creating art helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Ethereal watercolours, inspiring quotes, and peaceful landscapes can help create an escape, especially when matched with cool hues associated with calmness and tranquillity.

As well as this, if purchasing wall art prints for your home is not something that entices you, or you do not feel a deep enough connection, you can always make your own. Creating artwork for the home is an excellent way of making memories with the whole family and an effective way of de-stressing and enjoying some downtime. 

It doesn’t have to be the Mona Lisa, but even just an abstract block of colour with your room’s colour palette can create super chic, effortless art pieces that brighten a room and make it your own. (It’s affordable to make too!)

Happy & Uplifting

Although art can be inspiring and make us think, it can also just be fun. When we select art for a room, we often overthink, put an artistic hat on, and forget that art is not all that serious; it should just be a laugh.

A quirky motto, a dreamy expansive landscape, or picture or memento from your childhood such an illustration can not only set a warm, welcoming tone for your home but can bring that sense of joy and lightheartedness to a room. 

Also, as mentioned, colour in artwork can enhance or change your mood depending on the colour. Lively colours such as yellows and oranges and multi colours will often give a person a feeling of generally having more energy. 

So look to incorporate the use of colour in the art you choose if you wish to create a bright and lively atmosphere in a room.

Spark Conversation

Whilst art can be lighthearted, free and just silly, it can always focus on the conversation. All art has a story, even if the story is just what the artist felt like making that day.

By choosing a piece with a positive message or fun story behind it, when asked about it, that art piece is guaranteed to lighten the mood and topic of conversation for any room. 

Furthermore, regardless of the size or style of the art, if it’s a piece that resonates with you and helps you think of a happier time, it will always boost your mood whenever you see it. 

So when it comes to finding your perfect wall art prints, or art that helps set the mood of a room, don’t overthink it; just choose the art that makes you happiest and that you can look at and not get bored. 

Art is, after all, self-expression, so don’t be scared to go for it. Express yourself and get creative!