4 Ways to Renovate Your Home on a Budget


Making your house a home can sometimes be a never-ending project which can be daunting. One of the biggest challenges that occur with any renovations project can be the budget. But renovating your home doesn’t always need to be costly.  

Small changes here and there can bring a fresh look to your space. A small budget can go a long way through simple upgrades in your home, such as indoor blinds and painting. 

Let’s have a look at 4 ways you can renovate your home on a budget. 

1. From Curtains to Blinds 

Curtains have always been a default design tool used to prevent the outside world from looking into your home. But there are other ways to achieve this function apart from curtains. Indoor window blinds are a different way to achieve the same function as curtains but with added benefits. You can personalise your blinds to meet your design and functional needs for whatever space you use them in. 

Adding style, comfort and versatility are a just a few other reasons to consider indoor blinds. Some blinds can also help with temperature control of your home, keeping heat in or out, and help with sound dampening qualities.

Blinds certainly have evolved over the years from just privacy tools, to a lot more. 

2. A Splash of Colour

Colour has always played a part in changing dull items and spaces into new and exciting things. Changing the colours you wear from dark to light, can bring about a positive view of yourself and how you approach your day. The same can happen for a room in your home.

By painting dark rooms with light, mood lifting colors, you can change that room into a more inviting space you would want to spend time in. Apart from mood changing abilities, colour can enhance the décor effect. Use the right hues to let visitors focus on your favourite pieces. 

Should painting your room be something you are not able to do but you still want to bring some colour into the space, consider vibrant artwork. Hanging artwork that tells a story can lift the mood in a room and it can be a conversation starter when you have guests around. 

3. House Plants

Nature has always had the ability to positively affect people. By sitting in your garden or just on a patch of grass for a few minutes a day, you can alter your mood and thinking. The positive benefits of the outdoors can influence the way your body functions and reacts to the stresses of everyday life. When you can’t always find the time or space to sit on a patch of grass, house plants can give the same positive effects on a smaller scale. 

From fresh flowers to big wall creepers, nature indoors can alter your space. Invest in as many indoor plants and flowers as you can. If creating a jungle in your top floor apartment is what you need to enhance the look of your home and add more colour and oxygen into the air, go for it. 

4. Rethink the Placement of Your Furniture

At times, simply moving your bed out of a corner of your room may be all you need. Use it to anchor your space, by placing it in the center of your room or moving your couch away from the window towards a solid wall. Renovations don’t always need to be about walls being broken down or tiles being stripped, to change the look of your home. Sometimes renovations are simply about moving furniture around. 

Create a new flow of energy and light in a space by moving pieces around in your lounge, bedroom or your patio, to create a new look. By moving furniture around, you expose new spaces of your room, bring in a fresh flow of air. You can even create a surprise element for yourself & guests every time you walk in.

Should moving furniture around be restrictive due to space, try adding small items:

  • Cushions to your couch
  • A lamp to brighten the room
  • A blanket to create a cosy atmosphere
  • Add a low table to your kitchen where kids can help you cook, making it more child friendly in an instant

One change can make a huge difference. 

Renovating your home doesn’t always have to be a daunting thought or task. And money shouldn’t hold you back. Any budget can help turn the spaces in your home into what you envision them to be. Not all renovation projects need to be big. Start small and use unusual tricks to make a huge impact. With privacy blinds indoor spaces get transformed and colour gives new character. And don’t forget to use nature! You can bring a fresh new take on your home as often as you desire.