4 Ways to Save Money on Replacement Furniture


Not everyone can afford replacing larger pieces of furniture. Some sets could cost several thousands of dollars to replace depending on style and design. However, proper maintenance and repair can make a piece of furniture last much longer than you’d anticipate. Thanks to the Internet, you can find a lot of suppliers for the things you need to get more life out of your favorite couch or table.

Properly Cleaning

Cleaning your furniture correctly can help you get more life out of the unit. Not everyone takes the time to re-stain a table or steam-clean the couch. If you’re unsure how to go about keeping your furniture pieces clean, you can find details concerning the proper materials on the Internet. You never know how easy it is to care for a piece of furniture until you actually research the procedure and materials you’ll need.

Replacing Padding

Foam padding within couches and chairs can be easily destroyed by pets or liquid stains. As most furniture pieces can be easily disassembled, you can simply replace the foam padding to give your seat a like-new feel. Whether you want to replace your couch cushion or even need a new boat mattress, replacement foam can save you a lot of money on furniture costs.

UV Furniture Treatment

The ultra-violet light from the sun can cause a great deal of damage to furniture pieces. Items that are left near the windows or outdoors can be affected by continuous exposure. Luckily, there are treatments and sprays that help counteract UV damage while preventing sun-fading of colors in wood and fabrics.

Re-Upholstering Fabrics

If you have skill with a sewing machine, it could ultimately cost you less to re-upholster your seating furniture than to buy new pieces. This can also give you the opportunity to change it’s color and fabric type to better match your interior design. Many people do this regularly as it gives the piece of furniture a sense of uniqueness to the aesthetics of the property.

In many cases, a simple repair could restore something like a couch to its original glory. Companies such as The Foam Factory can help you replace internal padding that has been ripped or destroyed. Before you throw your favorite arm chair or two-piece couch set in the trash, consider replacing the pad and the upholstery. It may be vastly cheaper in the long run to perform your own repairs.