4 Weekend-Friendly Bedroom Makeovers for the Time-Crunched Homeowner


A master suite is a haven within a home, a testament to comfort and catnaps. With a space as important as this, it’s critical that the room be just how you like it. But for homeowners short on free time, a makeover may seem out of reach. However, updating your master suite can have a huge impact on both you and your space, and doesn’t have to be time consuming or break the bank.


Why renovate? For one thing, it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. What better way to start the day than be greeted with a lovely master suite? What’s more, your bedroom acts as a ‘home base,’ the place where you begin each day, and return to each night. Consider a remodel as an investment in yourself. 

A renovated master suite is attractive to prospective home buyers, as well. Potential purchasers are looking for an oasis to escape into, a place where they can catch a break from the busy rush of the day. If your home offers a remodeled master suite, then you’ve bumped up your value on the market. 

Remodelings can seem daunting at first. Contending with costs, time constraints, and the overall discomfort of renovation can seem intimidating. Luckily, there are several options for remodeling that can be completed over a weekend. Here are some quick makeovers for the time-crunched homeowner that will take less than forty winks:  

Swap out your mattress

Is slipping into slumberland a struggle? It might be your bed that’s the problem. As mattresses age, they sag and get lumpy. Sharing a bed that’s too small with a partner can cause frustration. The solution? Swap out your mattress. It’s a simple, quick fix with a huge impact. An organic memory foam mattress offers a comfortable sleep without all the nasty chemicals often found in synthetic materials— all the comfort with none of the pesticides or chemical flame retardants. That’s something you can rest easy on! Considering you spend 6-7 hours there every night, a good mattress is critical.

Change up the paint

Is the paint color looking tired? Spruce things up with a quick coat of paint. Certain colors can act soothingly to the mind and encourage restful sleep. This simple change will have a huge impact on the space. An accent wall of a different color, an updated trim color around the windows and baseboard, will go a long way in ‘waking up’ the room.

Find Fun New Furniture

How long have you had the headboard? Is your rug stained and faded? New furniture for your master suite is a great place to start a weekend-friendly remodel. A new headboard, some spiffy lamps, and new end tables are all candidates for purchased or DIY improvements. 

Consider the textiles

New curtains can offer new life to an otherwise dull and dingy room. Consider using fun colors and patterns. A new throw pillow or set of sheets can liven up the bed and offer some comfortable decor.

A master suite remodel is not as daunting as it seems. With just a weekend, you can utilize these tips to make your bedroom a blissful retreat from an otherwise busy and hectic world.