Fascinating Open-Shelving Kitchen Islands That Will Make Your Kitchen Functional


Hey there lovers of astonishing kitchen design! The kitchen is the favorite place in the house for most of us because it’s the place where we prepare delicious meals every day. For that reason, it should be designed in such a way that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasant to the eye. In this article we are going to focus all of our attention the the most practical item of furniture, the kitchen island. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love kitchen islands, and it’s incorporated in all the modern kitchen designs nowadays. If you are an extremely organized person, you are going to love the ideas that we are about to share with you. Scroll down and take a look at the Fascinating Open-Shelving Kitchen Islands That Will Make Your Kitchen Functional. While some of the people tend to stay away from open shelving, other truly benefit from them because they have everything at the reach of their hand. The traditional kitchen islands all feature closed cabinets, but the ones with open shelves will bring a totally different dimension into your kitchen. Check them out and see it for yourselves!

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The open shelves on the kitchen islands are the greatest spot in the kitchen to display all of your amazing cookbooks that help you to prepare your dishes. You can combine them with some fabulous decorative pieces in order to personalize your space effortlessly. They will make your kitchen more unique and original!

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You should have to mind that whatever you put on these shelves will become the focal point in the room, so before displaying anything on it, you may first want to empty them in order to get a clearer image of what you want to achieve.

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They come in so many different designs, and the open shelves can be put on different sides of the island. You can surely find one that will exactly meet your preferences! The designs here will inspire you to find the design you need the most!

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With the help of the open shelves on the kitchen island you can show off your passion for plates, wines or other things that are your favorite pieces of delight. You can also add a basket or two, so your shelves can look more organized. They will help you to hide away all of that little contents that may be around.

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Remember that when you are choosing what to put on those shelves to be extremely precise and balance the elements that you are going to display.

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If your kitchen island is big, you can have both open shelves and closed cabinets so you can have a little of both worlds. You don’t have to waste all of that space to open shelves, and make the best use of the island by combining some open and closed ones.

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