Wonderful Laundry Room Ideas That Will Impress You


Hey there my favorite Top Dreamers! The design of the laundry room in the house is most of the times neglected, and people tend to pay less attention to its design while compared with the interior designs of all the other rooms in the house. This is the room that doesn’t have to look dull and boring, and should not be considered as the room where you throw your dirty clothes and leave. In this article we are going to share with you some Wonderful Laundry Room Ideas That Will Impress You. The laundry room should be very pleasant, super comfortable and extra functional. Scroll down through the photos below and get your inspiration. If you are remodeling or you are about to add a laundry room in your house the ideas below will be of a great help! Check them out!

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The setting in the laundry room should be filled with plenty storage units such as cabinets, shelves and different kinds of boxes and baskets that can come in handy. Every little corner in the room should be used at its best! You can’t have too much storage in the laundry room, can you?

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Having big windows in the laundry room is amazing, but if you lack them you should implement some artificial lighting by installing under-cabinet lights.

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Having a hanging bar in the laundry for the clean clothes is really great. Also, having an area where you could fold all of the clothes when you get them out of the dryer is simply magical.

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If your laundry room is not that big enough you should make some careful planning and place all the elements in the right order. Stacking the dryer on the top of the washer seems like a pretty good idea. If you are up for this idea make sure you check that your washer has a front-loading!

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There will be millions of cabinets in your laundry room to store all of the clothes that you have and reaching them can sometimes be really hard. You will need a small chair that can lend you a hand whenever needed.

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Having a messy laundry room can really be annoying, so good lighting and lots of storage units is the key to a relaxed and happy atmosphere in the area. Get as much baskets as you can and keep everything within reach.

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Sorting the clothes according to their color can be of a great help and will save you a lot of time. There are tons of DIY projects that you could copy and create your own baskets that don’t cost a fortune but will save you time. What do you think about the ideas here? Have you already picked the design that you would want to have in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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