Festive Ways To Hang The Christmas Stockings In The House


Hey there Top Dreamers! We are getting you ready for the holidays, so in this article you are going to have the chance to take a look at some Festive Ways To Hang The Christmas Stockings In The House. When it comes to hanging the stocking, we are always wondering what is the best place to hang them. Well, the best place doesn’t exist! Everything depends on your preferences and style. We have collected for you some possible places where to put the stockings, so check them out and get inspired!

Christmas stockings are usually hung on the mantelpiece, but if you don’t have one in your house, don’t worry because there are so many other places that you could hang them as well. Step away from your comfort zone, and come up with other creative solutions! The design below shows you that you can hang them on your dining room cupboard! So you may leave the Christmas cookies for Santa on the dining room table!

Tutorial Pattern for How to make Christmas Stockings with Cuff
Image via serendipityrefined.com

Your broken or old skis can find another great use in home decor especially when it comes to hanging the Christmas stockings. Hang the skis on your walls, and you will get a perfect place to hang the wonderful stockings! This design is really stunning and eye-catching!

Image via therenoprojects.blogspot.mk

Another creative idea is to get yourselves a stocking’s holder and hang as many stockings as you want. The advantage of this design is that you get to move it around the house and place it wherever you want!

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You can also hang the lovely Christmas stockings on your windows anywhere in the house. As simple as that. And you are all set for Santa!

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Many people love to decorate their staircase, so hanging the stockings on the stairs is a wonderful idea. It’s a classic look that is also sophisticated and traditional at the same time. But make sure you add some garland too, for a nice finishing touch!

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Make use of the furniture you already have in your home, and bring the Christmas spirit in the bedroom too, by hanging the stocking on your bed. The bed also deserves to be decorated for the holidays!

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The ladders are much incorporated in home decor nowadays, and many people come up with plethora of creative designs. Make use of them this Christmas, and decorate them with stockings. We have to admit that the following two designs look great, don’t they?

Image via blog.homedepot.com
Image via dicorciadesign.com

And finally, the well known and traditional place to hang your Christmas stockings is the fireplace. You can decorate the mantelpiece in so many different ways, so find the one you like the most and recreate the look!

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Have you already decided where are you going to place the Christmas stocking this year? Keep me posted in the comments below!