5 Actionable SEO tips for fashion Industry


Fashion Industry is one of the most important sectors in the world that concentrates around creating trends in the apparels and will speak terms about what should be worn by an individual to stay pace with ever changing fashion needs. Fashion is an instant language and it never runs out on novelty.  Even though the fashion industry is pretty impactful among the lot, every fashion blog or website can remain impactful, provided it is optimized properly. This article explains the most useful 5 Actionable SEO tips for fashion industry.


A Search Engine Optimized Blog:

A properly optimized blog will always stand ahead and different from its sister blogs. However, one needs to understand the key to optimization are the following 5 actionable tips for SEO, which can generate traffic and improve the blog’s visibility on search engines.To make sure a blog is well optimized, one should have a complete idea on the following things. They include:

  • Appropriate keywords: Apt keywords which are placed properly sticking to the thumb rules of keyword density can make a properly optimized fashion blog. Keyword stuffing should be completely avoided to improve a blogs face on the search engine.Also, choking the article with keywords can hurt the blog visibility on the search engines. Keywords for any blog should be included where they matter the most. They mostly include the URL address, title tags, meta-description tag image names and more.
  • Good pictures:Do not compromise on the quality of the images you use on your website. Make sure the size of your image files is apt and the dimensions are as per the need. Also see that the pictures are saved in JPEG or PNG formats and have a note of your site’s loading time with and without images.
  • Meaningful content: Write the content that is original. Add your specific flavor to the posts. Make sure you find and add trendy keywords to your content. Make an outstanding as well as genuine content, which can remain descriptive. Choose the words with precision and think from the customer view when you create your content.
  • Link your sites: These are the crucial parts of any SEO Services. Never leave a page unlinked as an unlinked page will not be visible on the search engines. These links can be anything, even the anchor link that is key for a proper site traffic. Links to the page can help the search engine’s bots such as crawlers and spiders identify the site and increase its visibility.
  • Build backlinks from different sites: This can be done in diverse ways. But the most important is to track your own content by publishing some excellent stuff that others are interested in. Other ways apart from this can be publishing interviews with people from the fashion industry. Say for instance, you can write a guest post on  someone’s blog and you can ask your friend to return the same favor. Reach out to other fashion bloggers share your experiences and ask them the same, record it and post it on different websites by providing backlinks.

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