5 Alternative Uses for Your Conservatory


When conservatories were first introduced to the UK in the 17th Century, they were used to grow exotic trees, bushes and plants that needed more sunlight and warmer temperatures to grow. As time has moved on, conservatories have more recently been used as place to sit, socialise and enjoy both the sun and views of the garden. However, more and more people are now deciding on alternative and creative uses for their conservatories, as they add an extra room to their home.

Home office

There has been a sharp increase in the amount of people working from home in recent years. Whether self-employed and running your own business or telecommuting instead of travelling to work, a home office is essential for many workers. A conservatory makes for a comfortable and scenic home office as you can enjoy the sunshine and feel of being outdoors as you work.


Anyone with children knows that once they are big enough to walk, their toys end up taking over your house. Using your conservatory as a playroom gives you a space to keep all of the toys you don’t want finding their way into the lounge, kitchen or dining room. It also means that you can shut the door on the mess, noise and chaos kids can create when you want to. Additionally, with easy access to the garden, your child will love spending time in this room as well.


We all know the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, however, many people cannot afford or do not have the spare time to go to the gym. Having a gym in your home will mean that you can grab a quick workout whenever you have the spare time, without having to travel to a gym and pay the membership. So why not work out in style in your conservatory, whist enjoying the views and natural light a conservatory allows.

Art studio

For all the budding artists, a conservatory makes for a wonderfully light and airy art studio. With plenty of natural light streaming in, it is the perfect area to paint or draw your latest masterpiece. The calming and relaxing atmosphere of a conservatory also lends itself to creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity that most artists need.

Yoga studio

Yoga has become a very popular way for people to relax and keep fit, but it focuses on the mind, body and relaxation, so it’s likely that you’ll need a tranquil and peaceful area to practice it in. What could be more tranquil that a light and airy conservatory opening onto your garden as the sun streams in along with the sounds and scents of the outdoors?

Whatever you choose to use your conservatory for makesure you invest in a Guardian Conservatory Roof, it’s sure to be a decision you won’t regret.