5 Benefits of Adding Art to Your Workplace


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Paintings or sculptures are often seen as insignificant additions to corporate spaces. However, they can inspire artistically oriented individuals and create an inspiring ambience which might improve office culture too, according to an article by Forbes. They can also influence your employees and clients to unleash their creative potential and improve productivity. Also, debunking the popular myth; nobody is ever distracted by artwork no matter how vibrant it is. 

Therefore, look for artist gallery in Phoenix, AZ, to pick the most authentic and high-quality art from few of the most talented and well-known artists in the business, according to experts at Phoenix International Art Gallery. Below are the benefits they can offer. 

  1. Brand Identity 

You will be surprised to know that branding efforts go much beyond the logo and name. The kind of artwork a company displays in its organization communicates a lot about their personality, attitude and ideologies. Look for original art for sale which can create a ground-breaking visual appearance. This might help you stand out before your prospective customers among a sea of competitors.   

  1. Reduces Stress 

Even if you are not artistically inclined, art therapy is an innovative way of self-care. Pleasing and symmetrical art work can benefit brain functions and raise the serotonin levels which promote happiness and lower anxiety, according to an article by Business Office Systems. In fact, the best art galleries in Phoenix, AZ, are packed with influential pieces which might encourage critical thinking and boost problem solving capability that can further lower the worry levels. 

  1. Boosts Morale 

Buy art online and fill the office walls with them. This has high potential to raise the spirit of the employees. A study has found that happy employees are likely to be 20% more active, alert and aware than the unhappy ones. So to make the space more pronounced while having a positive impact on the workers, pick 3D printed art, engravings and digital art from art galleries in Phoenix, AZ.

  1. Attracts Millennial Workers

The next generation of talent can be attracted by inspiring spaces of work which are purposeful and blend design, materiality and performance, according to an article on Steelcase. Inc. So to create such a workplace which is not drab and dull, add meaningful modified arts from Phoenix to the walls. This can also inspire new work approaches along with adding the much needed aesthetic appeal. 

  1. Employee Wellness 

Besides the business benefits, artwork can improve the mental well-being of workers. This goes a long way to retain the best ones, helps them relax and contemplate and improve their overall workspace experience. The collaborative space turns into a warmer and more welcoming and inspiring one. However, make sure to avoid boring patterns and extreme complexities which could be quite unfamiliar. 

Talk to the employees to learn the type of art work they might prefer in the office. Museum quality art in particular can improve engagement and communication to a great extent. Pick thoughtful products which would highlight local culture and community too.